Non-Surgical Newborn Ear Correction with Earwell & Earbuddies

Approximately 30% of children are born with an external ear deformity. These patients may be helped with non-surgical newborn ear correction, which is a painless and non-invasive treatment. If not corrected during the first few months of life, some children may require corrective ear surgery later in life. Dr. Fishman has special expertise in bothRead More

FaceTite: Face & Neck Contouring without the Facelift

Dr. Fishman is excited to bring the latest face and neck contouring technology to Aviva Plastic Surgery.  Contouring of the face and neck often covers the spectrum from the simplest facial liposuction procedures to face- and neck-lifting in Dr. Fishman’s practice, and Radiofrequency skin tightening technology is a wonderful addition to the Aviva family ofRead More