About Our Practice

At Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, our goal is excellent medical care in a warm and welcoming environment. We aim for impeccable treatment results, clear communication, and a comfortable and ongoing relationship with you.

We see excitement, anticipation, and worry in our patients every day–and all these are normal parts of the plastic surgery and aesthetic experience. We want to care for you throughout your journey with us. We aim to provide thorough patient education, excellent treatment results, extensive experience, and a thorough background of classic standards combined with the latest innovative treatment techniques. Patient education, excellent technical skill, experience, and an artistic sense–these are key components of the relationship between patient and surgeon–and by bringing these to every patient encounter, we hope to ease anxiety and make your every interaction with us a positive one.

At Aviva Plastic Surgery, we are constantly learning and bringing best practices to our practice. We incorporate treatment techniques and products from the top international authorities and our US colleagues. We are diligent about every detail of our practice, with patients describing their visits as “never rushed,” “top notch,” and “amazing.” Dr. Fishman takes pride in Aviva, a practice of innovation, high standards, and excellence, and we want you to take pride in Aviva too. Welcome!