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Achieve Your Best Self at Aviva Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA

Appearance matters.  It’s human nature to care about how others perceive us, whether it’s our first impression or fiftieth. At Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, Dr. Inessa Fishman and her expert team offer world-class facial plastic surgery, non-surgical aesthetics, skincare services, and intimate health treatments in Atlanta to help patients strive for their aesthetic and wellness goals.


Our mission is to help our patients put their best face forward and enhance their natural beauty through personalized treatment approaches.  From facial surgery to non-invasive skin rejuvenation, our Atlanta plastic surgery center offers a wide array of solutions tailored to each patient’s unique aesthetic and wellness needs. By tapping into extensive clinical knowledge and a passion for aesthetics, Dr. Fishman and the Aviva team bring patients the opportunity to enhance their looks without losing what makes them unique.  To learn more about what Dr. Fishman and our team can do for you, call (678) 974-8435 today or schedule your first consultation online.

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We are proud of the care, treatment, and world-class expertise we provide to our patients.  Here are a few of the treatments we offer: 

The nose is a central facial feature that significantly impacts a person’s overall facial balance.  If you are considering a rhinoplasty, consider seeking Dr. Fishman’s expertise in nose surgery and its part in creating a more balanced and proportional appearance.

Dr. Fishman is not only an expert in tried and true techniques; in addition to traditional rhinoplasty, she is among the few plastic surgeons in the United States to offer preservation rhinoplasty.  This innovative approach to the popular facial surgery minimizes post-treatment recovery while providing patients with natural and long-lasting results.  By offering septoplasty, rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty, and non-surgical alternatives, Dr. Fishman tailors treatments to your specific needs and realistic aesthetic goals.

We all show signs of aging in a uniquely personal way, and the latest anti-aging procedures can be very helpful for patients to take control over the way their bodies age. Aviva Plastic Surgery offers a wide array of surgical and non-surgical solutions to address common concerns such as deepening creases, sagging tissues, skin pigment changes, and volume loss. Surgical facelifts are among the most popular and most effective treatments to address multiple aging concerns. At our Atlanta aesthetic center, we strive for facelifts which give you a more natural, youthful look.


dr. inessa fishman injects botox

Not ready to commit to a full facelift? At Aviva Plastic Surgery, you don’t have to. In addition to traditional facelifts, our practice offers popular variations such as liquid facelifts, mini facelifts, and minimally invasive tissue tightening. Great for patients just starting to notice the impacts of aging, or those seeking to slow it down, we also customize these alternative treatments for each individual.

Surgery is only one facet of our top cosmetic center. In addition to facial plastic surgeries, Aviva Plastic Surgery offers a wide array of non-surgical options. These non-invasive solutions, ranging from dermal fillers to advanced skin tightening, give patients the ability to address some of their concerns without the commitment to surgery.  Whether receiving surgical or non-surgical treatments, the patients of Aviva Plastic Surgery benefit from our expertise, training, and commitment to excellence every day.

Discover why patients across Atlanta and throughout the Southeast trust their surgical and non-surgical care to Dr. Inessa Fishman.  Call (678) 974-8435 today to schedule your initial consultation or book your next visit online today.  We look forward to meeting you!