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Dermatologists’ Tips for Healthy Skin

We are exposed to countless harmful factors such as sun exposure and air pollution on the daily. In order to keep the skin healthy, hear some dermatologists’ opinions on what you should and should not be doing.  

First, make sure to apply ample sunscreen daily. While it may be a given that sun protection is necessary, many people make the mistake of not applying enough. When using sunscreen, be generous with the amount. 

Another common mistake is to buy expensive products that are no better than drugstore brands. Oftentimes, the price on products may be marked up due to packaging and marketing NOT because of the actual product. In finalizing your skincare routine, try brands from the drugstore first and then consult your dermatologist if you need other products. 

There may be days where going to bed is the first thing on your mind, but washing your face before bed is crucial in keeping your skin healthy. The debris, pollution, dirts, and oils that collect over the day may not feel like much, but are damaging to your skin if left on. 

Picking at your skin and touching your face can also lead to irritated skin. No matter how regularly you wash your hands, they definitely have some bacteria on them and transferring them to your face is a big no. 

While retinol is beneficial for your skin in moderate amounts, overusing this product can lead to worse effects. Especially if you have sensitive skin, use retinol sparingly if at all and be cautious when using products with retinol. 

Additionally, using matte makeup may not be the best option for your skin. As Dr. Fishman has said when speaking with, “Matte makeup, whether concealer, powder, or tinted sunscreen, tends to pick up every pore and wrinkle in the skin, magnifying the appearance of every tiny imperfection.” Drying formulas will reveal every single pore and imperfection whereas makeup with shimmer and light diffusion will lead to a glowy, dewy skin look. 

Lastly, hydrate! Be sure to drink ample water throughout your day in order to give your skin a boost and avoid dehydration. This will leave your skin looking more youthful and healthy. 

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