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What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are essentially tiny packages of information outside the cell.  The name “exosome” was first coined in 1987, and initially these particles were dismissed as extracellular waste.  However, with a recently renewed interested in exosomes–accompanied by a tenfold increase in related scientific publications over the last 5 years–exosomes are suddenly enjoying a lot of popularity, and for good reason; these microscopic vessels appear to be filled with growth factors and information vital for optimal cell healing, proper communication, and tissue health.

Exosomes in Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine

“The world of aesthetic medicine is a fascinating intersection of beauty, health, and regenerative medicine,” says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman.  “In 2023, we are focusing more of improving health and restoring optimal function, with the added benefit of an improved and rejuvenated appearance.”  Dr. Fishman is excited to add (plated)TM SkinScience skincare products by Rion Aesthetics to our practice, and notes the technology and science behind these exosome products is impressive.  “I have read the research studies, and have seen the amazingly restorative power behind exosomes with my own eyes–and I can’t wait for my patients to experience the benefits of exosome therapy,” Dr. Fishman says.

Rion’s exosome therapy harnesses the healing power of platelets by isolating and concentrating platelet-derived exosomes, which are tiny particles of information platelet cells use to communicate with each other and other cells in our body.  Exosomes are showing incredible potential in improving wound healing, stimulating collagen production, decreasing skin redness, improving skin hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and treating hair loss.  Exosomes help nourish and calm the skin, and are being used for improved post-procedure recovery (such as after microneedling, Morpheus, and CO2 laser treatments) as well as part of one’s daily skincare routine.  “We are seeing impressive results with exosomes–rosacea-associated redness is dramatically diminished, eczema outbreaks are calmed and often resolved, and the skin feels and looks smoother, healthier, and more radiant overall,” says Dr. Fishman.

Exosomes in more detail…

Exosomes are small packets of signalling molecules which cells use to communicate with each other. Platelet-derived exosomes contain many cruical messages important in the body’s healing process. Platelets are the so-called “first responders” at the site of injury; they are cells important for clotting and the initial repairative processes of wound healing.   The messages platelets pass to other cells are helpful for growth, calming inflammation, and stimulating injured tissue to heal at its most efficient and rapid pace. In addition to growth factors, exosomes display strong antioxidant behavior similar to vitamin C for pigmentation brightening and wrinkle prevention.  The antioxidant characteristics of exosomes are currently being actively studied for their use in cancer therapy, burn and wound healing, orthopedic injuries, and the treatment of hair loss.

The (plated) SkinScience technology

Rion Aesthetics is proud of the 15 years of research that has generated the first shelf-stable platelet-derived exosome technology named Renewosomes.  A US-based company, Rion takes extreme care to source platelets from high-quality blood banks to create products with trillions of viable exosomes. The sourced exosomes are concentrated to contain messages stimulating soft-tissue growth and skin renewal, hence the name Renewosomes!  These regenerative exosomes are combined with antioxidants and nourishing hydrating ingredients to create powerfully restorative,  regenerative, and calming products for both post-treatment care and daily use.


What are the benefits of using exosomes in skincare?

Exosomes boast such benefits as:

  • antioxidant behavior to prevent signs of aging
  • minimizing pore size
  • improving luminosity, skin tone, and texture
  • harnessing growth factors to build stronger collagen networks
  • calming redness and irritation
  • reducing dark spots and broken capillaries

Are there different kinds of exosome therapies in skincare?   

Yes!  Exosomes are currently broadly divided into the more concentrated and calming post-procedure Intensive Serum, and the less concentrated and more nourishing daily use Revitalizing Essence.  The serum has a 4x concentration of Renewosomes (plated’s exosomes) for intensive repair, and has a slightly thicker consistency; while the Revitalizing Serum has 2x concentration of exosomes for daily use, alongside a lighter feel.  Alla, our medical aesthetician, loves using the more concentrated serum for post-treatment care in microneedling, Morpheus8 microneedling treatments, and laser resurfacing.  She recommends the less concentrated Revitalizing essence as a lighter, daily product to improve the skin’s hydration and collagen content, decrease the appearance of aging, and calm inflammation while battling daily oxidative stressors.  “After 30 years in medical aesthetics and trying thousands of products, I am not easily impressed and take a critical view of any skincare products claims,” says Alla, “but having used exosomes myself and on my patients, I am confident this therapy is a gamechanger in skincare and aesthetics.  My patients’ skin recovers more quickly and looks so much better and healthier after procedures and at baseline.  I have noticed my own skin’s improvement in luminosity after just a couple of weeks’ exosome use,” she explains, reporting her own long-standing skin irritation resolving within days of starting exosome therapy. 
Are you ready to learn more about regenerative medicine and its exciting growth in skin health?  Want to try exosomes for yourself?  Contact us to schedule your treatment or consultation today!