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Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction in Atlanta and Sandy Springs

Lip reduction is a cosmetic procedure designed for individuals who wish to make their lips appear smaller and more proportionate to the rest of their facial features. The lip reduction procedure is typically sought by those who feel their lips are too full or prominent, or appear out of balance with the face or upper or lower lip.

Lip Reduction in
Sandy Springs and Atlanta, GA

What is Lip Reduction?

Also called reduction cheiloplasty, lip reduction is a surgical procedure that works to restore the optimal proportions and balance between the upper and lower red lips (the area where lipstick is normally applied), as well as the mouth and face.  During lip reduction, our Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman contours and reduces the size of one or both lips.  Patients seek a lip reduction to improve the shape, size, and contours of the lips for overall facial enhancement and facial balance.

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People may opt for lip reduction for various reasons, including:

Balance: Some individuals feel that their lips are overly large in proportion to the rest of their facial features, and they desire a more harmonious balance.

Self-Confidence: Dissatisfaction with the appearance of one’s lips can lead to reduced self-confidence and self-esteem. Lip reduction can help alleviate these concerns.

Functional Issues: Extremely large lips may sometimes cause functional problems, such as difficulty speaking, eating, or playing wind instruments. Lip reduction can help address these issues.

History of previous permanent fillers: Some patients may have unwanted and non-dissolvable fillers in their lips, and lip reduction treatments offers an opportunity to remove or reduce the volume of these.  

Who is a Good Candidate for Lip Reduction?

The Lip Reduction Procedure

Consultation:  At Aviva Plastic Surgery, patients interested in lip reduction start their journey with a consultation with our Facial Plastic Surgeon. The consultation serves as your dedicated opportunity to discuss your aesthetic concerns, expectations, and desired treatment outcomes. Our doctor will evaluate your lips and overall facial features and balance to determine the most suitable treatment approach or combination of treatments.

Lip Reductions by Dr. Fishman

Anesthesia: Dr. Fishman performs the lip production procedure with the help of local anesthesia (injectable numbing medicine), supplemented with by-mouth sedation or general anesthesia.  The choice of anesthetic depends on the extent of the reduction, any other associated treatments, and your comfort level.

Incision: Dr. Fishman places carefully planned incisions along the natural lines of the lips. These incisions are usually placed within the borders of the lips and behind the visible part of the lip to minimize visible scarring.

Tissue Removal: Excess lip tissue, including fat and sometimes a portion of the mucous membrane, is carefully removed to achieve the desired reduction in size. The surgeon will sculpt the remaining tissue to create a balanced appearance.

Suturing: Once the necessary tissue has been removed, the surgeon will meticulously close the incisions with sutures. The goal is to ensure minimal scarring and a natural-looking result.

Recovery and Results: After the procedure, there will be some swelling and discomfort, which are normal and will gradually subside over a few weeks. Pain medications and cold compresses can help manage any discomfort. Following the surgeon’s post-operative care instructions is crucial for a smooth recovery.

The final results of a lip reduction procedure will become more apparent as swelling goes down. Patients can expect to see a noticeable reduction in lip size, leading to a more balanced and proportionate facial appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip reduction is a surgical procedure and carries inherent risks, including infection, numbness, scarring, and dissatisfaction with results.  Overall, these risks are low, and we work hard to help decrease them. 

Recovery time can vary, and patients should be prepared for a period of downtime during the healing process.  Recovery after lip reduction is usually approximately 7-10 days of social downtime, with most patients working or studying from home.  Recovery involves pronounced swelling of the lips, and mild-moderate discomfort, which is well controlled with medications like Tylenol and Motrin.  Dr. Fishman usually places absorbable stitches to close the lip reduction incisions, and these stitches dissolve on their own and do not require removal.

Realistic expectations are important when considering any treatment. The goal of lip reduction surgery is to achieve a natural-looking result that enhances overall facial harmony and looks in balance with the rest of your face.  You should be in good physical health and have mature, realistic expectations about surgery recovery and treatment results.

On occasion, Dr. Fishman may reduce the lip size additionally after lip reduction.  While not common, an additional reduction may be necessary if a patient wants it, has excessive scar tissue after previous trauma or surgery, and has a history of silicone or other permanent injections to the lips.  Dr. Fishman usually advises you to heal for at least 6-9 months after lip reduction before seeking further reduction or revision treatments.

If you believe the lip is too small once swelling subsides, Dr. Fishman may discuss volume augmentation in the form of lip filler (using hyaluronic acid gel or fat transfer

Lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure not usually covered by insurance.

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