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Introducing RHA Redensity 

A new and long-awaited hyaluronic acid filler has arrived in our practice, and we are excited to introduce RHA Redensity to our patients.  While new to the United States, RHA Redensity has enjoyed multiple years of popularity with aesthetic medicine specialists in Canada and Europe, says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman.  “I’m looking forward to bringing this filler to our practice,” she says, “and I have high hopes for its power player performance from having vetted it with my outside-the-US colleagues.”  Aviva Plastic Surgery has been selected to be part of the RHA PREVU Collection, allowing us to be one of the first practices to offer the Redensity dermal filler in the Atlanta area.

What is RHA Redensity?

Made in one of the best aesthetic laboratories in Switzerland, Redensity is an injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler, similar in its makeup to fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.  Redensity is part of the RHA family, with RHA standing for “Resilient Hyaluronic Acid.”  The RHA collection of dermal fillers include particularly dynamic fillers like RHA 2, RHA3, and RHA4, which shine in high-movement areas like the face.  Redensity is the softest of the RHA fillers available in the United States, making it a good choice for superficial treatment of fine lines around the lips and the thin and delicate tissues around the eyes.

Why do we need softer fillers?

Age-related loss of collagen results in thinning of skin starting in our twenties, and this thinning alongside formation of expression wrinkles and lines results in the classic signs of facial aging.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are the current mainstay of rejuvenation to address volume loss and thinning skin, and highly mobile and dynamic areas like those around the mouth and eyes need the hyaluronic acid filler treatment to result in face and skin rejuvenation without leaving the patient with a stiff, lumpy, or unnatural look.  Very soft fillers likely provide a more natural appearing rejuvenation for the smoker’s lines or around-the-mouth wrinkles in the highly dynamic area around the mouth.  With 18 muscles in the mouth or perioral region, we should use the softest fillers possible to integrate or blend into the skin to allow natural facial movement without a stiff and unnatural look.

What’s new about Redensity?

Previous products had some stretch to help with dynamic wrinkling, but Redensity has changed the game with the stretchiest soft filler on the market. Redensity has three times more stretch than other RHA products currently available to assist with fine dynamic lines around the mouth.  Revance, the maker of RHA Redensity, is proud to use non-animal sources and minimal chemical processing for the Redensity filler.

How long does Redensity last?

Each individual patient breaks down fillers according to her own metabolism and the location of the filler within the face or body. The Revance company suggests treatment touch-ups every 8-12 months for Redensity as the hyaluronic acid filler gently breaks down inside the body over time. Studies show 66% of patients see improvements that last until 12 months and longer.

Who is a good candidate to get RHA Redensity?

Good candidates for RHA Redensity are individuals looking to smooth small and fine lines, such as lipstick lines around the lips (also known as barcode lines) and have treatment with a soft, natural-appearing derma filler option.   RHA Redensity enjoys popularity in the delicate tissues around the eyes and within the under-eye tear troughs outside the United States, and will likely continue to perform well in this area in our practice.

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