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Preparation, a well-planned and performed labiaplasty, recovery, and adherence to treatment instructions are all important for a great outcome in this women’s wellness procedure.  Board-certified Urologist and women’s wellness expert Dr. Shaya Taghechian counsels her patients extensively before labiaplasty and carefully monitors their healing progress after surgery.  We asked Dr. Taghechian about the most important things to know about labiaplasty recovery, and she shared her thoughts below.

Labiaplasty surgery recovery

“The labial tissues can withstand a lot stressors, like those of childbirth and sexual intercourse.  But, they need help and TLC, just like any other part of the body, to heal well after surgery,” says Dr. Taghechian.  The labia live within a moist environment and face swelling worsened by gravity after labiaplasty surgery.  “Staying off your bottom and pelvis as much as possible is probably the most important part of the post-labiaplasty recovery,” says Dr. T, highlighting the need to minimize swelling pooling within the freshly operated labia.  “I ask patients to recline, lay flat, or lay on their side as much as possible for at least 1 week after labiaplasty,” she relates, recommending staying away from sitting and standing to minimize swelling.

Besides staying off the pelvis, sitting, and standing, Dr. Taghechian recommends compression of the treated area after surgery.  Yoga pants or compressive bicycle shorts provide this compression, and should be worn as much as possible for the first week after labiaplasty.  Compression helps manage both post-surgery discomfort and swelling after this treatment.

“I want my patients’ recovery to be as boring as possible,” says Dr. T, “and while I know how to deal with surgery or treatment complications, I am very invested—and want my patients to be invested—in very straight-forward healing after labiaplasty.”


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