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Labiaplasty Technique: Wedge vs Trim

Some women experience physical discomfort or dissatisfaction with the appearance of their labia, or the lips of tissue around the vaginal opening.  The inner lips (called labia minora) can be too long, asymmetric, stretched after pregnancy or childbirth, or have undesired, darkened discoloration, and these concerns may lead to discomfort with sexual intercourse, exercise, wearing tight clothing, or feeling self-conscious about the appearance of one’s intimate anatomy. Our expert staff specializes in labiaplasty to contour and improve the look and feel of labial tissue.

Women bothered by the look or feel of their labia often have wonderful and very satisfying outcomes with labiaplasty treatment, and this treatment can address both functional and cosmetic concerns.

Labiaplasty Techniques:  Trim vs Wedge Labiaplasty

The two main labiaplasty techniques we use are the wedge and the trim technique, and both have their benefits and limitations, she explains.  The trim technique removes a thin strip of tissue along the outer edge of the labia minora, while the wedge technique subtracts a V-shaped piece of labia minor tissue, then bringing together the trimmed edges of the labia.  The benefit of the trim technique is its ability to remove sometimes unwanted darkened tissue along the outer portion of the labia minora.  Meanwhile, the wedge technique boasts the benefits of decreased scarring and less disruption to labia minora sensation.  The wedge technique also preserves the natural border of the labia minora, and this feature is important to consider for a natural-appearing, beautiful labiaplasty outcome.

“Labiaplasty is a delicate, detailed surgery,” says Dr. Fishman, who often combines it with clitoral hood reduction, fat augmentation of the labia majora, and PRP injections for improved sexual health and satisfaction.  “One’s intimate anatomy is super important for a number of functional and aesthetic reasons, and if you’re pondering a change in your labial anatomy, please thoroughly discuss all your options with an expert,” says Dr. Fishman.

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