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Patient Info

59 years old
Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 59-year-old woman was interested in facial rejuvenation and improving the appearance of her lower face and lip. She felt her upper lip was too long and thin. She had tried dermal fillers to smile line area and cheeks within the last few years, and wanted further improvement to the appearance of her lips.

Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman recommend several treatment options, including a surgical lip lift.  The patient had this procedure in the comfort of our office, awake and relaxed with by-mouth medications and laughing gas.  She is shown 3 months after surgery, with excellent healing, an essentially invisible scar, and improved balance to her lips and lower face.

About Lip Lift Procedure

Age, genetics, and sometimes a previous history of lip filler treatments can lead to an overly long white lip (the skin between the bottom of the nose and the red lip border) and too-short height of the red lip (the part of the upper lip where we place lipstick). This creates disharmony within the facial balance, can make the face look too long or sad, and can lead to an unnatural or aged appearance of the face and mouth.  A lip lift procedure shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip and helps to contour greater volume within the upper lip; this is a powerful treatment to bring balance to the mouth and lower face.  Commonly performed in combination with a facelift and lip augmentation with fat grafting, a lip lift is an effective way for the carefully selected patient to put her best face forward.Learn More About Lip Lift