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Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 29-year-old woman cut her forehead in a rollerblading accident, and had a repair of the laceration at a local Emergency Room.  She was concerned about the appearance of the scar after having her sutures removed.  Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Fishman treated her with a surgical scar revision, re-sewing the laceration edges.  The patient is shown 7 weeks after scar revision, with great healing progress.  Her scar will continue to flatten and lighten over the next 6-12 months.

About Scars Treatments

Scars can be distracting and distressing, and can impact patients’ function and self-confidence.  We use a variety of treatments to improve the appearance of scars, using surgery, lasers, microneedling, dermal filler treatments, and anti-scar injections to remove keloid scars and soften the appearance of traumatic and acne scars.