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This 52-year-old woman was bothered by excessively long labial skin (or lips of tissue around the vaginal opening), having discomfort with wearing clothing and exercise.   The patient received treatment consisting of bilateral (both-sided) labiaplasty, which trimmed and contoured the excessive labial skin to improve the patient’s comfort.

The patient had her labiaplasty treatment, a minor surgical procedure, in the comfort and privacy of our welcoming office, with the patient awake and relaxed with by-mouth medications and laughing gas (also called ProNox).  The patient is shown 6 weeks after treatment, with excellent healing progress and a great treatment outcome.  She reports much improved comfort with her labia as well as increased self-confidence.

About Surgical Labiaplasty

Enlarged or uneven labia minora (the inner lips of tissue surrounding the vaginal opening) are effectively treated with the common (though uncommonly discussed) procedure called labiaplasty.  For most women, the labia minora are for the most part covered by the labia majora (outer lips).  In others, however, genetics, puberty, aging and pregnancy can cause the inner lips to extend beyond the outer lips.  Some women can experience discomfort and irritation with overly long labia minora, leading to discomfort in clothing, during exercise, and with sexual relationships, while other women may just be bothered by the appearance of the labia.  Labiaplasty treatments can address these concerns. We have expertise in both surgical and non-surgical labiaplasty to help women feel their most confident and address any intimate anatomy concerns.Learn More About Surgical Labiaplasty