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Restylane Contour Arrives in Atlanta

Injectable dermal fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, and Radiesse, are an important tool in non-surgical facial contouring both in the field of aesthetic medicine and in our practice. Dr. Inessa Fishman, our facial plastic surgeon, enjoys using a variety of fillers for sculpting multiple facial features–the temples, forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, chin and jawline–and likes to have a variety of fillers to use for different treatment goals. “Fillers are like paints on an artist’s palette–and it’s wonderful to have many, many choices,” she says.

Restylane Contour AtlantaRestylane Contour is the newest dermal filler option to join both Aviva Plastic Surgery and the aesthetic market in the United States. Having received FDA approval in June 2021, Restylane Contour is an injectable hyaluronic acid indicated for cheek contouring and correcting volume deficiency of the mid-face. This sounds like a lot of technical-speak, and Dr. Fishman describes this filler as another welcome member of the Restylane family–and another option of her palette. “Hyaluronic acid is a sugar substance which we normally have in our skin and the fluid that lubricates our joints,” says Dr. Fishman; hyaluronic acid is also commonly used in cosmetics and skincare, to help give products a more hydrating feel. Fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Voluma are all made of hyaluronic acid, with slighly differing characteristics in terms of feel and longevity, and Restylane Contour is specifically well suited for a natural, elegant contouring of the cheeks.

“Cheeks are important for the appearance of a youthful and balanced face,” says Dr. Fishman. “Restoring a balanced and appropriate cheek contour is key for making the facial features look harmonious, improving dark undereye circles, and addressing age-related middle and lower face changes.” She feels that a “less is more” approach is best for beautiful facial rejuvenation, and states that small tweaks in multiple areas are typically necessary for a natural-appearing, refreshed countenance. Dr. Fishman treated the patient shown with small amounts of Restylane Contour to the cheeks, and also added tiny droplets of filler to her temples, lips, and jawline to highlight her already gorgeous features.

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