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Dermaplaning is a chemical-free exfoliation service which removes fine hair (peach fuzz) and dull, dead skin cells from the skin’s service using a sterile surgical scalpel blade.  This popular treatment helps one’s skin looks its most glowing and revitalized, and carries no downtime.  

Besides revealing your smoothest, most healthy skin, dermaplaning is one of several exfoliation procedures shown to diminish the visibility of skin blemishes and improve the effectiveness of your skincare products. 

Dermaplaning and Skincare in Atlanta, GA

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At Aviva Plastic Surgery, our aim to help you put your best face–and self!–forward.  We offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments to address a large number of aging and aesthetic concerns.  Our extensively trained staff shares over 70 years of collective experience in medicine, skin care, aesthetics, and wellness.   

I had been seeing Alla for microneedling, to treat my pores and acne scars. I had the dermaplaning treatment in preparation for my wedding, and it just made everything come together. My skin literally glows and feels so smooth!

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Dermaplaning: Treatment Details

Much like shaving, dermaplaning is the process of removing fine vellus hair (or the soft peach fuzz) and dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin.  The freshly treated skin looks more vibrant and receives the benefit of greater effectivity from skincare products.  The exfoliating dermaplaning treatment is painless, carries no downtime, and improves the skin’s health and appearance.

Women and men have removed facial and body hair for hundreds and likely thousands of years.  The geishas and maikos (or geishas in training) have shaved their faces for hundreds of years, to harness the skin health benefits of this treatment, and to allow make-up to go on more smoothly.  

At Aviva Plastic Surgery, our certified medical aesthetician Alla Fishman performs dermaplaning treatments as standalone procedures, and often combines them with facials or microneedling treatments.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning

An effective and thorough skincare program is important for skin’s health and one’s best, most vital appearance.  As part of such a skincare program, the benefits of dermaplaning treatments include:

  • Chemical-free skin exfoliation, while minimizing skin trauma 
  • A healthy, glowing appearance to the skin
  • Improved penetration and efficacy of skincare products
  • Increased ease of makeup application and improved appearance of makeup

Will I grow darker or more coarse hair after dermaplaning?

The fear of growing darker, longer, and more coarse hair after shaving or dermaplaning is common–and completely unnecessary.  It is an old wives’ tale and a falsehood that hair removal procedures will somehow make hair grow back thicker or more coarse.  If hair could be regrown or thickened by shaving, we would never see bald men, right?

Dermaplaning does not affect hair growth or quality, and the reason for this lies within the genetics of hair:  the fine or so-called vellus hair responsible for the “peach fuzz” on most faces is genetically different from so-called terminal hair which are responsible for our brows and scalp hair.  Dermaplaning removes the fine vellus hair by trimming it at the base of the skin; the genetic code of the vellus hair shaft is unchanged, and if the fine vellus hair were to regrow, it would still be soft and fine.  If fear about growing coarser hair has held you back from skincare treatments, help us put your concerns at rest, and contact our office today to learn about our many effective health and wellness procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all.  During your dermaplaning treatment, our extensively trained and thoroughly experienced medical aesthetician uses a very sharp surgical scalpel blade to remove dead skin cells and tiny fine hair from the skin of the face.  The treatments feels mostly like repetitive, gentle pressure; and is painless.  

For most patients, there is really no recovery after dermaplaning.  Most patients return to work and social activities immediately after dermaplaning treatments–and enjoy the benefit of smoother, glowing skin immediately!

Dermaplaning treatments can be performed year-round, as they do not increase the skin’s sun sensitivity.  Dermaplaning treatments should be performed every 4-8 weeks as part of one’s skincare maintenance routine.  In preparing for an important event like a wedding or big celebration, dermaplaning should be done within a week of the big day.

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