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Women’s wellness is a key part of the our practice at Aviva Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Shaya Taghechian, our women’s wellness expert and Board-Certified Urologist, recently shared with us her thoughts about vaginal rejuvenation.

Votiva is one of the most popular treatments that I perform in the office,” says Dr. Taghechian.  “We as women go through physical changes as we age or have children. These changes are normal and a part of the human process, but we are not always satisfied with the results. Many women complain of vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, or decreased sexual stimulation. All these things can be treated with the 3 step Votiva treatment.”

Atlanta vaginal treatment

Dr. Taghechian says that Votiva is a series of three treatments using non-invasive radiofrequency energy to target the weak muscles and tissues of the vaginal canal.  This treatment also improves the appearance of enlarged or stretched labia, improves sexual stimulation, and even improves mild urinary stress incontinence.

While some women are great treatment candidates, not every patient meets the criteria for Votiva treatments.  Dr. Taghechian says, “I will not perform this treatment if the patient is on their menstrual period or if they are pregnant. Any vaginal rings for birth control or hormone replacement will have to be removed before we start with the Votiva treatments.”  Treatment preparation and recovery are simple, says Dr. Taghechian.   “I don’t encourage my patients to douche or insert any vaginal supplements before or in between treatments. However, I do ask that they shave or trim the pubic hair two days prior to the treatment.”

What does a Votiva treatment feel like?  Some patients may experience some discomfort, but this procedure is not painful at all. Patients just feel a heating sensation from the RF.  Dr. Taghechian says, “There is no downtime, my patients may return to work and resume their daily activities after the procedure. I just ask that they avoid any strenuous activity or tampon use 24 hours after each treatment. The most common question that I get is “when can I have sex again” I suggest that my patients wait for 2-3 days before any sexual activity after the treatment is done.”

When do patient see results?  Dr. Taghechian shares that patients may start to notice the results of the treatment a week to two weeks after the first procedure and it will continue to improve over time and after multiple treatments are completed.  Votiva may also be combined with PRP or platelet-rich plasma to help increase stimulation.  PRP is the process of using the patient’s own plasma from blood and injecting into the vaginal canal. “This additional treatment is optional, but I would recommend for my patients to for the best results,” says Dr. Taghechian.

Knowledge is power, and our patients are more interested in health and intimate wellness than ever.  If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, give the office a call at (678)974-8435 or send us an email to

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