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G-Spot Filler

Boost Your Sensitivity with G-Spot Filler

Feeling good is important, especially when it comes to intimacy and sexual health. Many things, like how we feel about how we look, our mood, and even our daily activities can affect how women feel and function sexually. At Aviva Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we are passionate about women’s wellness and sexual health, and address sexual satisfaction concerns frequently with a treatment called G spot filler.

Improving Sexual Satisfaction and Sensitivity G-Spot Filler

What is the G-Spot?

The G-spot (also known as the Grafenberg spot) is a small area very rich in sensitive nerve endings just inside the vaginal canal. These nerve endings, when stimulated, can help women achieve intense orgasms. Some women who have difficulty achieving orgasm or report decreased sexual stimulation can benefit from making the G-spot area more prominent and easier to stimulate using filler injections. G-spot filler involves an injection of dermal filler (the same hyaluronic acid based filler injected into the face) to increase the size and prominence of your G-spot. When your G-spot is more raised and bigger, it is easier to find and allows for a greater area of stimulation. This can increase sexual pleasure and allow for easier, more satisfying orgasms!

G-Spot Location

Dr. Fishman and her staff are absolutely amazing! They made me feel comfortable when I went in for my G-spot filler and kept me in the loop at all times. The entire experience was professional and comforting, and I already feel an improvement from my treatment! Thank you!

G-Spot Filler: Treatment Details

G-spot filler is a short and straightforward treatment with often remarkably satisfying results.  During your consultation, our women’s wellness experts carefully evaluate your treatment goals and medical history, and perform a thorough physical exam of your intimate anatomy and G-spot. This highly sensitive tissue is a part of your clitoral network, and is typically located about an inch along the vaginal canal, on the front wall of the vagina. After numbing and cleaning the lining over the G-spot, we inject the G-spot with a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler to augment its volume and allow for more direct and easier stimulation. You should expect to return to your daily routine, work, and social obligations immediately after treatment. 

Unlocking the Secret to Better Sensitivity: G-Spot Filler!

G-Spot Filler FAQs

If you have difficulty achieving orgasms or have never had an orgasm, you may be a good candidate for G-spot filler treatment. G-spot filler is a quick treatment which uses temporary filler to augment the G-spot and enhance its sensitivity and stimulation.  We sometimes combine G-spot filler with PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections, rich in growth factors) to rejuvenate the tissues of the vagina and improve sexual sensitivity. Those with active infection/ inflammation of the vaginal canal, pregnancy, and active herpes outbreaks should avoid G-spot filler treatment.

Yes, G-spot augmentation is a very safe treatment. However, like all treatments, G-spot filler has some associated risks. These risks are rare, and include a small amount of bleeding or discomfort. Infection and allergy to filler are possible, but have not been a part of our practice’s extensive experience.

The effect of G-spot filler normally lasts 6 to 12 months. If you like the benefits of this treatment, you can get it done again once a year or whenever you need it.

We recommend you wait 48-72 hours after injection to resume sexual intercourse to reduce risk of infection, bleeding, and irritation after G-spot filler.

Let's Talk About Women's Wellness

Women’s sexual wellness is an often under served and overlooked area of medicine. Every woman should have a place to talk about her feelings, especially about those intimate moments. 

At Aviva Plastic Surgery, our women-owned and women-led practice prioritizes sexual health and intimate comfort for all of our female patients. Our experts will devote their complete time and attention to your concerns, help construct a tailored treatment plan perfect for you, all while providing a safe and welcoming environment to discuss your concerns and improve your health.

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