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Alla’s Summer Skincare Tips

Our practice and patients benefit from the tremendous skincare experience and knowledge of Alla Fishman, our amazing aesthetician. Alla has over 26 years experience in skincare, and boasts particular expertise in acne-prone and aging skin. With summer here, Alla shares her recommendations for summer skin care. Protect your skin Sun protection is important year-round, and… Read More

Osteomas and Their Treatment

What Is An Osteoma? An osteoma is a benign growth of bone that appears on another piece of bone, usually within the skull. Osteomas are benign tumors, or overgrowths of bone tissue; their cause is not very well understood, and is thought to be a combination of genetics, trauma, or infectious history. Osteomas can appear… Read More

Improving the Skin with Morpheus8

No matter our age, everyone—including all the patients walking through the doors of Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics—wants to look their best and have healthy, glowing skin. Smooth, even, blemish-free and wrinkle-free skin helps us look and feel healthy, confident, and minimize the need for make-up. With age, we all collect things like acne scars,… Read More

No Sweat

Injectable medications like Botox and Dysport are best known for their cosmetic uses, like relaxing frown lines and erasing horizontal forehead wrinkles. These same injections also work very effectively to decrease sweating, and with the sizzling Atlanta summer approaching, there is no better time to get this treatment. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and the new Jeuveau… Read More

melatonik isdinceutics product

Your Beauty Sleep Redefined

Work hard, play hard—and make your skincare products work hard too! At Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we like to have effective skincare that visibly improves the skin, and our latest nighttime product is ISDIN’s Melatonik. Melatonik is a 3-in-1 night serum targeted to stimulate the skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, repair the oxidative damage sustained… Read More

Jeuveau: The New Injectable Treatment for Frown-Lines

Jeuveau is the new kid on the block of aesthetic medicine, and is a newly FDA-approved injectable neuromodulator for the treatment of mild to severe glabellar lines in adults. Quite a mouthful, right? This interesting-to-pronounce medication is the brainchild of Evolus, a “performance beauty company with a customer-centric approach focused on delivering breakthrough products” and… Read More

FaceTite: Face & Neck Contouring without the Facelift

Dr. Fishman is excited to bring the latest face and neck contouring technology to Aviva Plastic Surgery.  Contouring of the face and neck often covers the spectrum from the simplest facial liposuction procedures to face- and neck-lifting in Dr. Fishman’s practice, and Radiofrequency skin tightening technology is a wonderful addition to the Aviva family of… Read More

Non-Surgical Newborn Ear Correction with Earwell & Earbuddies

Approximately 30% of children are born with an external ear deformity. These patients may be helped with non-surgical newborn ear correction, which is a painless and non-invasive treatment. If not corrected during the first few months of life, some children may require corrective ear surgery later in life. Dr. Fishman has special expertise in both… Read More

Hold the sugar! Skincare and excess dietary sugar

The body’s largest organ by surface area, our skin performs many roles crucial for our health and well-being.  Skin also reflects our overall health, and is one of the more important factors in our appearance. Good hydration and diet–among many other factors, such sleep habits and sun protection–are important to keep our skin looking and… Read More