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Whether relaxing, deeply purifying, or medically targeted, facials can be an amazing part of your self-care.  Trust your face and skin to an expert aesthetician with over 30 years of medical skincare and skin health experience.  With our expert staff’s global outlook of wellness and beauty, your face and skin are in the best hands!

Facials and Skincare in Atlanta, GA

Alla is the best, the absolute best. I've never had a facial like hers, and I've had many... all over the world! She is truly the skin guru, and I feel like a new woman every time I walk out of her treatment room. Also, her skincare recommendations are spot-on, always.

Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Facials and Skincare

A facial is many things — a series of skincare treatments to cleanse, purify, and exfoliate the skin; a way to check in with your medical skincare provider; and a soothing, relaxing to recharge.  

At Aviva Plastic Surgery, facials come in many flavors in varieties.  Our medical esthetician and skincare guru Alla Fishman works alongside Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman to design your customized skincare program, and develop a treatment plan which incorporates bespoke medical-grade skincare with treatments to address hyperpigmentation, sun damage, skin texture concerns, and highlight anti-aging and prevention procedures to help you look and feel your most vibrant and best.  Depending on your skin’s health and treatment goals, your facials can focus on calming inflammation and redness, treating and preventing acne, stimulating collagen and preventing aging and sun damage.  

We encourage you to discuss your skin concerns and aesthetic and wellness goals with our expert staff, and then allow us to select the type of facial, treatments, facial masks, and chemical peels best for you.  This is the best way to reap the greatest benefits from your facials!

The Benefits
of Facials

Confidence in appearance and healthy function helps our patients look and feel their best every day, and this feeling extends to our patients’ professional and personal lives.  The benefits of medical facials include:

  • Healthy, more vibrant skin
  • Treatment of and prevention of acne
  • An opportunity to re-tailor and fine-tune your medical-grade skincare program
  • A chance to feel centered, relaxed, and focused on your wellness and self-care

Meet Your Skincare Expert

Alla Fishman is a licensed medical esthetician with over 30 years experience in the skincare and aesthetics industry.  She cares for some of Atlanta’s most well-known faces, and is called “the skin guru” and “the face whisperer” by her devoted and longstanding patients.  

Extensively trained in classic European facial and skincare standards, Alla has developed a global outlook on skin health and beauty during her career.  Her expertise shines in analyzing your skin to determine its health and skincare needs, and creating a bespoke and customized skincare and skin treatment program.  She incorporates time-tested treatments with the latest skincare and technology to give you the greatest benefits of a medical-grade skincare program; your most vibrant and healthy skin; and the opportunity to feel empowered to make the informed decisions for your best skin and put your best face forward.  

Outside of sharing her skincare expertise, Alla enjoys spending time with her family, crafting and making jewelry, cooking, and gardening.  

What should I expect during my facial?

You should expect an overall soothing and refreshing experience.  After checking in to our office, you are led to our aesthetician’s treatment room, where you are asked to change into a facial gown, exposing your neck, shoulders, and décolletage.  Alla, our medial aesthetician, also covers your hair with a  bouffant-style cap or headband.

Even though the types of facials vary, and may feature additional treatments, most facials feature skin cleansing, exfoliation, and soothing moisturization.  Your facial begins with gentle cleansing, to remove makeup, skincare products, and skin oils.  A light steaming commonly follows this, in order to open the skin’s pores.  You may experience skin exfoliation in the form of a chemical or mechanical scrub, or with the help of an ultrasonic pore extractor.  Depending on your skin’s pore congestion, you may undergo mechanical pore extraction as well.  After this thorough cleansing, you will have a soothing and moisturizing treatment in the form of a collagen blanket or soothing facial mask.  A significant part of your facial is Alla’s skin analysis, during which she evaluates your skin’s health, response to treatments, and treatment needs.  You should expect your facial to feel not only soothing but re-energizing; it is remarkable how powerful the human touch is, and the addition of a gently warmed bed and relaxing music make for an amazingly soothing and centering experience.                

Finally, while a facial may be a standalone treatment, it can also be combined with:

Frequently Asked Questions

While approximately 10,000 women undergo labiaplasty treatment yearly in the US, this procedure is rapidly becoming more common.  As women grow more comfortable in discussing their intimate health concerns, the idea of labiaplasty is becoming more acceptable in the medical community, and Dr. Taghechian has treated many women with this procedure.  Nevertheless, what seems like a straightforward procedure, a labiaplasty requires extensive expertise for best outcomes, and Dr. Taghechian recommends meeting with a women’s wellness expert if you are interested in this treatment.

Dr. Taghechian most commonly performs labiaplasty surgery in our office, with the help of relaxing medications, laughing gas, and injectable numbing medicine.  Patients are released home after treatment, with most reporting taking a long nap after treatment.  During their recovery, most patients take 2-4 days off work and school, and are encouraged to wear compressive leggings or shorts.  About 2 weeks following labiaplasty surgery, patients return to Aviva Plastic Surgery for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Taghechian.  During this visit, she assesses one’s healing progress and provides an updated timeline for recovery.

Labiaplasty risks include bleeding, bruising, infection, changes in sensation, and asymmetry of the labial tissues.  A small amount of bloody drainage is normal for the first 2 weeks after surgery; however, significant bleeding is rare, as is infection and permanent numbness.  Resulting significant asymmetry of the labial tissue is uncommon; this may require a revision or touch-up procedure.  

Most commonly, labiaplasty treatment is a cosmetic procedure and is not typically covered by insurance.  Dr. Taghechian is not in network with insurance plans at Aviva Plastic Surgery; and all labiaplasty treatments are self-pay at our practice. 

We offer financing options for women’s wellness treatments.  Please inquire with our staff about this at the time of your consultation.

Every patient has individually different anatomy and aesthetic goals; because of this, we encourage individuals interested in labiaplasty treatment to schedule a consultation with our women’s wellness expert in order to receive custom-tailored treatment recommendations and pricing information.  On average, a surgical labiaplasty performed in the office starts around $5,500, while a non-surgical labiaplsty (also called FemTite or the Aviva procedure) starts around $5,700.   

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Our mission at Aviva Plastic Surgery is simple – help patients achieve greater confidence and their best health.  By offering medical grade facial treatments in a welcoming, professional environment, we have helped many women and men feel more confident in their appearance and achieve their best skin health.  To learn more about our facials and skincare treatments, medical grade skincare programs, and our aesthetic treatments, call our clinic at 678-974-8435.  We look forward to taking care of you!

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