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Ear surgery

Ear Treatments

Otoplasty (also known as ear pinning) is ear surgery to reshape the ears, most commonly to treat overly prominent or “stuck out” ears. Dr. Fishman performs otoplasty on children starting at 5-6 years old, and adults of all ages. Otoplasty is a highly customizable surgery, with a short recovery time and permanent results.

Earlobe repair is a minor surgical procedure used to treat stretched, torn, or asymmetric earlobe piercings. The most common surgical procedure in our practice, earlobe repair is often combined with re-piercing. Earlobe piercing concerns are caused by trauma, heavy earring use, or asymmetric piercings.  

Earlobe reduction is a procedure which shortens too-long earlobes and reduces in volume too-full earlobes.  This procedure can be performed by itself, or combined with facelifting or gauged earlobe repair.  Earlobe reduction is commonly performed in our clinic with injection of numbing medicine and no need for more deep anesthesia. 

Newborn ear correction uses molding or splinting to reshape the ear without surgery or sedation.  This treatment is very time-sensitive, and is ideally performed within the first few weeks of life.  Newborn ear correction can treat multiple ear concerns, and allow one to avoid surgery.

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