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Radiofrequency (RF) has brought about a new age in facial and body contouring, and the latest RF contouring treatment arrives in the smallest and most powerful packaging yet.  AccuTite, the state-of-the-art technology related to FaceTite, is the world’s most advanced radiofrequency lipolysis procedure which offers excellent results without surgery.  At Aviva Plastic Surgery, AccuTite is used to perform non-surgical blepharoplasty (non-surgical eyelid lifting), non-surgical brow lifting, tightening of the tissues around the mouth and lower face, minimally invasive vaginal and intimate rejuvenation, and the non-surgical contouring and tightening of other small areas, including bra rolls, hands, knees, and chest.

Accutite Treatment in Atlanta, GA

How does Accutite work?

Melting excess fat and tightening the skin by stimulating collagen, AccuTite offers a treatment option for patients who are not ready for or want to forego traditional surgery.  Dr. Fishman uses AccuTite to rejuvenate aging, sagging, or loose skin with imperceptive incisions and pinpoint accuracy, giving her patients a smoother and more youthful appearance. 

Went in for AccuTite procedure and was blown away by the results. Thank you Dr. Fishman for providing me with an in-depth explanation of the procedure and making my face look as natural as possible afterwards. I couldn't be happier!

Accutite: Treatment Areas

Dr. Fishman uses AccuTite to treat multiple small areas of concern on the face and body, including:


Heavy or sagging brows can contribute to a sad, tired, or angry appearance and can hide the eyes. 

Upper & Lower Eyelids​

Having the thinnest skin on the face, the eyelids are some of the first areas to show aging and can look tired or sad when hooded with excess skin.  


Loose or lax skin on the neck is a common concern for many patients. Crepey, thin skin alone or in combination with excess fat may be improved with either AccuTite oFaceTite


The hands can show aging just as much as the face, neck, and chest. While deflated hands that show prominent veins and tendons are best addressed with volume (such as dermal filler), loose skin on the hands is better addressed with skin tightening via AccuTite.

Lower Face and Jawline

Jowling contributes to a heavy, aged appearance of the lower face.  Smile lines, sometimes referred to as the “parentheses lines” or melolabial folds, the smile lines can contribute to an aging or tired appearance by pulling down the corners of the mouth.  Marionette lines, or lower smile lines, also contribute to a sad appearance, and tightening the skin around them can help smooth out these creases.

Bra Rolls

Excess skin to the side of and behind the breasts can contribute to a bothersome appearance for some patients.  This small nuisance area can be well-treated with RF contouring and skin tightening.  


The skin above and over the knees can become wrinkled and lose its elasticity over time. This common concern is well-addressed with non-surgical RF skin tightening.  

Accutite: The Newest Frontier in Skin Tightening

Made by InMode, AccuTite is a non-surgical yet powerful skin tightening and remodeling treatment.  Much like FaceTite, AccuTite uses radiofrequency assisted lipolysis—or controlled heating of the tissues to tighten skin and melt fat—to help sculpt new, smoother contours within the face and body.  Whereas FaceTite is more appropriate for larger treatment areas, AccuTite can treat smaller areas with greater precision and offers the concept of “injectable radiofrequency.” 


Harnessing the power of bipolar radiofrequency, AccuTite uses a tiny probe (about the diameter of angel hair pasta) to deliver heat to the surface of and deep under the skin, essentially ironing or smoothing out the tissues and “shrink-wrapping the skin” to the underlying contours.  Dr. Fishman uses AccuTite by itself or in combination with liposuction to smooth and tighten the skin around the eyes, lift the eyebrows, tighten loose skin around the smile lines, and smooth out and reduce developing jowls.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world’s most advanced RF treatment, AccuTite received FDA approval in in February 2019.  This technology, combined with Dr. Fishman’s training and expertise, provides the best in minimally-invasive treatment results and an excellent safety profile.  AccuTite technology comes with multiple safety measures, including built-in temperature sensors which monitor tissue heating and cut off the delivery of excess energy to prevent injury and burns.  Because of these safety measures and Dr. Fishman’s expertise, adverse events associated with AccuTite are unlikely. 

Dr. Fishman performs AccuTite treatment most commonly with the help of injectable numbing medicine and ProNox (relaxing laughing gas) in the office.  Once the treated area has been numbed, Dr. Fishman inserts the sub-millimeter cannula via a tiny opening in the skin and uses the AccuTite device to heat the skin and surrounding tissues. In general, AccuTite treatment can be performed in less than 30 minutes over small areas and may require more time if treating multiple areas or being combined with liposculpting.  After AccuTite treatment, patients are released home and can often resume their regular and work activities within a few days.  Dr. Fishman usually sees patients for follow-up after AccuTite in 1-2 weeks.

The AccuTite treatment provides visible results in as little as 1-2 weeks, and these continue to improve over time.  Dr. Fishman sees the most pronounced skin tightening and contouring after 3-4 months, with patients reporting improvement even after a year! AccuTite treatment results are permanent. Call our office or reach out to us through our contact form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Fishman to learn more about AccuTite.

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