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Financial Policies

Cosmetic Consultation Fee

We collect a $150 consultation fee at the time of scheduling your initial consultation with us.  This fee is applied towards your treatments or surgery.  The consultation fee is refundable should you cancel your appointment 48 hours or more before your scheduled consultation.  

Surgical Procedures

We collect payment in advance of elective surgical procedures.

We collect payments in full at the time of scheduling your in-office surgical procedures.  We collect a $1000 scheduling deposit at the time of scheduling your surgery in outside surgery centers.

We collect surgical fees for procedures performed in our clinic, as well as surgical fees for procedures performed by our Surgeons in outside surgery centers.  

We do not collect fees for Anesthesia and Operating Room services provided in outside surgery centers; we provide you with the appropriate contacts to process these fees before your surgery.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express, for payment.  

We accept personal checks when provided no less than 3 weeks prior to treatment.  Please make checks payable to Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics.  

We offer a number of financing options for payment.

Treatment fees are not refundable.  


We do not contract with insurance plans at our practice.  

We work diligently with a number of imaging facilities and Pathology labs to provide you with competitive self-pay rates.

We also offer a number of financing options to make treatment affordable.

Should you want to submit your treatment to your insurance plan for consideration of coverage, please inquire with our practice for the necessary information.  

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