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How To Choose A Cosmetic Facial Surgeon

Facial surgery has traditionally been the domain of three specialties: ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat/ Otolaryngology), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Plastic Surgery. The training for these specialties is extensive, and covers trauma, cancer reconstruction, birth and developmental defects, and aesthetics. Aesthetic facial surgery is an elective extension of facial surgery procedures. Other specialties that perform cosmetic facial procedures include Ophthalmologists, Oculoplastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and other medical practitioners, and there are excellent and talented surgeons in all these fields.

What Should I Ask When Choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

The most important factors to consider are not the surgeon’s specialty nor the surgeon’s degrees, but rather the surgeon’s outcome and the treatment experience.

Below are some important questions to ask in your search for a cosmetic facial surgeon.

Dr. Inessa Fishman Facial Plastic surgeon atlanta georgia

Many surgeons perform cosmetic and other surgery, and the breakdown of these treatments varies from physician to physician. A larger part of the surgeon’s practice devoted to cosmetic surgery usually translates into greater experience in this field. Dr. Fishman’s practice is approximately 70% aesthetic (both surgical and non-surgical) and 30% functional and reconstructive. Dr. Fishman believes this breakdown is the best use of her knowledge and skills, with the reconstructive practice making her aesthetic skills better and vice versa.

Some surgeons utilize fellows, residents, and other trainees in their practice. While teaching is a wonderful way to develop and pass on one’s skills, Dr. Fishman firmly believes in performing 100% of her surgical and injectable treatments herself.

The relationship between patient and surgeon is very important, and open and ongoing communication is a key part of this relationship. Pre-operative and post-operative care are just as important as the events of surgery, and Dr. Fishman is fully committed to her patients’ comfort, safety, great outcomes, and a wonderful treatment experience.

This is perhaps one of the most important qualities to find. Aesthetic surgical and non-surgical treatments are a daily affair for the Aviva practice, but may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a lot of people. Patients commonly have questions about preparing for surgery and post-surgery symptoms, and often need to get in touch with their surgeon or the surgeon’s staff quickly. Dr. Fishman encourages her patients to call or contact her and her office at any time, and believes in care beyond business hours.

Do you have a good feeling about the doctor, their staff & facility?

This is  very important. The office should be clean and organized, the staff competent and welcoming, and you should feel comfortable with your doctor and her treatment plans. Our practice strives to treat every patient as a family member or a VIP, and your health, safety, and stellar outcomes are our primary goals. You should have a good feeling about the doctor and the team to whom you trust your face.

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