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Today’s news reports the FDA approval of an exciting new injectable anti-wrinkle medication, Daxibotulinum/ Daxxify. Daxxify arrives as a competitor to Botox and other neuromodulator injections that target moderate to severe frown lines. With very few anti-wrinkle options available in the US, we asked our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman about the significance of this new medication.

“Daxxify is a compelling alternative to Botox with a much longer duration of up to 6 months according to the published studies,” says Dr. Fishman, “and treatment duration is a significant concern for our patients.”   Dr. Fishman also explains that she is a fan of competition and choices, saying “Brand loyalty is huge in the U.S., but I find that my patients generally trust my opinion and experience in terms of their best injectable options.” Our practice is excited to see the results of Daxxify in Dr. Fishman’s hands; this product is expected to be available for clinical use later this fall.

What is Daxxify?
Daxxify is a new evolution in injectable neurotoxins that has been in development since 2017.  Daxxify, like Botox, works by temporarily relaxing muscles and thereby smoothing the overlying wrinkles and lines.  Daxxify contains a new protein, which helps the active medication bind closely to its site of action, and this is likely responsible for Daxxify’s longer duration of action. 

Daxxify is made by a company called Revance Therapeutics.  “I have had a good experience with the Revance company and its hyaluronic acid filler family called RHA (or resilient hyaluronic acid),” says Dr. Fishman.  “I’m looking forward to trying Daxxify and seeing how this new addition to the Revance portfolio performs in my practice.”  

What are the risks of Daxxify?

As with most injections, the most common risk of Daxxify is bruising, which is usually a small area the size of a pencil eraser for most healthy patients who are not taking blood-thinning medications.  Approximately 17% of patients in the test studies reported a headache after injection, and approximately 3% of patients reported injection site tenderness and redness.  One percent of patients had a droopy eyelid, also called eyelid ptosis.  These risks appear very much in line with those of Botox and Dysport, and are temporary, explains Dr. Fishman.

What makes Daxxify special?

Daxxify shows a longer duration of action in studies, says Dr. Fishman.  This longer treatment duration is likely 4-6 months, says Dr. Fishman, explaining that the duration of action for Botox and Dysport are closer to 3-4 months for most patients.  

What is the downtime for Daxxify treatment?

Patients can return to most regular activities immediately after Daxxify treatments.  Dr. Fishman and our staff recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for the rest of the day after injections, and we ask that patients avoid rubbing, massaging, and pressing on the injected areas for the rest of the day as well.  It’s important to stay upright for 4 hours post-treatment, and avoid the use of tight-fitting hats and headbands on the treated areas, says Dr. Fishman.

In summary, Daxxify is a new anti-wrinkle injectable medication which works similarly to Botox and Dysport, and shows a longer treatment benefit in studies.  We are excited to try the new anti-wrinkle Daxxify treatment, and look forward to getting this medication into our practice within the next few weeks.  If you’d like to get on a wait list to try Daxxify, please give us a call at 678-974-8435.