Dr. Fishman’s Philosophy

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi’s famous quote encapsulates my philosophy perfectly. I love the practice of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetics, and most things beauty-related. Furthermore, I take pride in my work and gain great fulfillment from helping others. Working with my hands, practicing within a demanding and artistic field, helping others achieve greater confidence and put their their face face forward–these are truly the beauty of what I love and do.

Appearance matters. We all care about how others perceive us, and we all work towards a certain image–whether brushing our teeth before a regular school day or tucking that last strand of hair before an uber-important job interview. I rely on my medical training, artistic vision, and aesthetic and reconstructive experience to make my patients’ appearance shine–whether after repairing a facial cancer defect or smoothing a few worry lines between the brows.

My goal in both my cosmetic and reconstructive work is to create an effortless and seamless aesthetic. That said, an effortless and seamless aesthetic may require work and effort–both on your part and mine. My mom likes to quote an old Russian saying, “Beauty requires sacrifice,” and this regularly rings true in my practice.

No face is identical to another; your face is unique to you and unlike any other. This amazing variety is one of the most beautiful things about facial plastic surgery, and it also dictates that no one patient’s treatment plan exactly mirrors someone else’s. I tailor your treatment plan to you, your needs and wants, and your individual anatomy with the many varied tools and treatments of today’s plastic surgery and aesthetics. The variety of treatment options and their combinations, and the variability in the patients I see–these are both the challenge and the reward of my work, the beauty of what I love and do.