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Age, genetics, and sometimes a previous history of lip filler treatments can lead to an overly long cutaneous lip (the skin between the bottom of the nose and the red lip border) and too-short height of the red lip (the part of the upper lip where we apply lipstick). These changes create facial imbalance, can make the face look too long or sad, and can lead to an unnatural or aged appearance of the face and mouth.  A lip lift procedure shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip and helps to contour greater volume within the upper lip; this is a powerful treatment to bring balance to the mouth and lower face.  Commonly performed in combination with a facelift and lip augmentation with fat grafting, a lip lift is an effective way for the carefully selected patient to put her best face forward.

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Our passion is to help our patients look and feel their best, in an elegant, beautiful, and natural way. With a global outlook on beauty, we take pride in bringing you the latest, innovative treatments and techniques recognized throughout the world.  Whether you are searching for lip lift before and after photos or considering the liplift procedure in place of fillers, rest assured you can put your trust–and face–in our hands.

Dr Fishman is heaven sent! Following my lip lift procedure she checked in on me and answered my countless questions even at late hours. My mouth and lips look and feel amazing and there are no scars to be seen!  Highly recommend Dr. Fishman's practice.

Lip lifting is a minor surgical procedure, and is performed in the office (with the help of numbing medicine and laughing gas) and in the operating room (when combined with more involved surgeries such as facelifting or eyelid lift).  Dr. Fishman carefully designs and hides a bullhorn-type incision in the natural crease between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip, and repositions the upper lip into a higher and more youthful position after removing extra skin and soft tissue. Dr. Fishman uses tiny stitches to close the liplift incision, and removes these 4-5 days after surgery; the resulting incision usually heals very well, leaving a barely perceptible scar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one best age for lip lift surgery.  Because the upper lip frequently elongates with age, Dr. Fishman commonly performs this treatment in combination with face and neck lifting to rejuvenate the face of patients in their 40s and beyond.  She also does lip lifting for younger patients who have an overly long upper lip due to genetics or excessive filler use, which can stretch the lip tissues.  Lip proportion is important for overall facial balance, and multiple factors–including genetics, history of facial and nose surgery, previous lip filler injections, dental health,  and age–can contribute to this balance.   

Lip lifting surgery overall has few risks, with most of them being uncommon.  Bruising, swelling, and bleeding are the most common (and temporary) risks of this procedure, with swelling usually taking several weeks to resolve fully.  Bruising and blood-tinged drainage tend to resolve within the first week after surgery.  Infection, changes in sensation, asymmetry, and need for revision are less common risks of lip lifting.

The lip lift recovery is not especially painful.  Dr. Fishman most commonly performs lip lift surgery in our office, with the help of relaxing medications, laughing gas, and injectable numbing medicine.  Patients are released home after treatment, with most reporting taking a long nap after treatment.  When combined with other procedures like facelifting or blepharoplasty, lip lift surgery is performed in the operating room, with the help of “twilight anesthesia” or general anesthesia.  The injectable numbing medicine takes 4-8 hours to wear off after lip lift surgery.  While recovering, most patients manage discomfort with Tylenol and Motrin, and discontinue these mediations 2-4 days after treatment.   

Every patient has individually differing anatomy and aesthetic goals.  To this end, we prefer to consult with each patient before providing an individualized treatment plan and pricing quote.  When performed in the office, with the help of injectable numbing medicine and laughing gas, a liplift cost is around $4,650; the cost of a lip lift surgery performed in the operating room reflects additional fees for additional surgical treatments, facility or operating room use, and Anesthesia.  Typically considered a cosmetic procedure, lip lift surgery is not usually covered by insurance; and we do not contract with insurance in our practice.  We can help you learn about financing options to cover the cost of your lip lift surgery.  

After Surgery

  • You should expect pronounced lip swelling, possible bruising, numbness and mild-moderate discomfort for several days after the liplift procedure.
  • Cold compresses, and by-mouth pain medications (such as Tylenol and Motrin) work well to control discomfort.
  • Elevating the head and neck above the level of the heart helps to decrease swelling.
  • Maintaining a soft diet for the first week after surgery helps decrease discomfort also.
  • Anti-allergy medications such as Zyrtec and Claritin help to decrease swelling.
  • Most patients return to work and social activities in 5-7 days after lip lifting.
  • Light exercise, such as walking, may be resumed the day of surgery.

Lip Lift Recovery​

Our expert team and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Fishman strive to provide you with excellent treatment results in a warm and welcoming environment.  In caring for thousands of patients, we find that thoroughly educated and well-prepared patients tend to have the most smooth treatment and recovery courses.  Well-prepared patients tend to have less anxiety around surgery, recovery, any possible complications, and treatment results.  To this end, we encourage you to review your lip lift treatment instructions (see below) in advance of and after your lip lift surgery and make sure all your questions are answered.

Please read and familiarize yourself with lip lift treatment instructions before and after your lip lift procedure.  By following them carefully you will assist in obtaining the best result from your surgery.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

  • After surgery, elevate your head and shoulders at an angle on two or more pillows.
  • After surgery, avoid any straining for at least 2 days. Facial movements (smiling, talking, chewing, yawning, etc.) should be kept to a minimum for the first week. Avoid turning your head to either side as this will pull on the stitch lines. To turn, move your head and shoulders as a unit.
  • Apply cooling packs (not frozen materials) to the exposed areas of your face for the first 72 hours to reduce post-operative swelling.
  • If you have pain or discomfort, take oral pain medication every 4-6 hours, preferably with a light meal. Do not drink alcohol while you are taking pain medication.
  • Avoid eating hard foods (apples, chicken) after surgery. A light diet is best following surgery that day. Begin by taking liquid slowly and progress to soups or Jell-O. You may start with a soft, regular diet the next day. Over the next few weeks, you may resume to eating a regular diet. Avoid taking large bites of foods for the first two weeks, as the sutures may rip off. Chew all food slowly and thoroughly,
  • Any visible sutures used are removed in 4-5 days. If any portion of the incision is internal (along the gum line), then the sutures placed will dissolve on their own in a similar period of time.
  • Swelling of the face and neck after surgery is normal and expected. If you develop an acute onset of swelling on one side of your face or neck, which is definitely more pronounced than on the other side, or if you are having pain, which is NOT relieved by the pain medication, please call Dr. Fishman immediately.  During business hours, it is best to contact our office; after business hours, please call Dr. Fishman’s cell (above).
  • After the first 48 hours, you may start cleaning along any external incision line under the nose with a mild soap (Neutrogena, Ivory, etc.) and use a moisturizer on your face, being careful to keep it away from the stitch lines. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or Vaseline to these areas after cleaning once-twice daily for the first 7 days.
  • Do not smoke or ingest any nicotine containing products. This is very important for optimal wound healing.
  • You may gradually resume basic daily activities after 2 days, being careful to avoid any activity that causes pain or discomfort. Lifting of objects heavier than 10 pounds should be avoided for 3 weeks. Strenuous activities and exercises are to be avoided until 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Cosmetics can be worn on the face as early as 10-12 days after surgery. There may be a feeling of numbness of the tissues along the treated areas that will subside.
  • All incisions and the skin of your face will be extremely sensitive to sunlight during the healing phase. Protect your facial skin from excessive exposure to the sun for 8 weeks. Direct sun contact or tanning booths are to be avoided. Wearing a wide brim hat and use of a clinical grade sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 with zinc oxide and/ or titanium oxide (UVA and UVB protection) is recommended.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 678-974-8435.

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