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Neck Lift

Neck concerns–the excess fulness of a double chin, loose skin, lack of definition between the jawline and neck–are common concerns in our practice.  We see young people in their teens and twenties with genetically blunted necks, as well as men and women in their 40s and above bothered by developing loose skin, muscle banding, and neck fulness.  Neck lifting surgery is the gold standard treatment to address a number of neck and chin concerns, and we use this treatment to help you put your best face–and profile–forward!

Neck Lift in Atlanta, GA

What Causes
the Neck to Age?

The aging process is inevitable. Changes in our bony structure, the fatty tissues of the face, and decreased collagen and elastin production lead to sagging, lax tissues and skin within the face and neck.  Very significant weight changes and weight loss can make neck sagging more pronounced.  Some individuals have genetically heavy or “blunted” necks, reporting a lack of satisfactory jawline and neck definition in their 20s and twenties. 

Dr. Fishman has been everything I could want in a doctor:  professionally adept, concerned, and supportive. She listens carefully and follows up to ensure that everything goes well. Dr. Fishman called me after surgery and when I didn't answer, she texted me to check on me.  She definitely made my experience good and I will certainly come here again.

Our patients tell us they spend years considering a surgical facelift or neck lift before they actually come in for their initial consultation. After surgery, they wonder why they waited so long to take the steps to their best selves. A neck lift can make you look 10 to 15 years younger, and feel more vibrant and self-confident.  We love seeing our patients’ refreshed appearance renew their energy and confidence.

Dr. Inessa Fishman is one of the area’s leading facial plastic surgeons. She and her staff have helped countless men and women achieve a more vibrant, youthful appearance. She blends the latest in cutting-edge innovations with classical standards, the utmost dedication to safety, and artistic finesse. 

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Necklift Treatment Planning

An isolated deep plane neck lift contours the under-the-chin and neck structures including deep fat pads, submandibular or spit-producing glands, and muscles.  This surgery involves thorough contouring of the neck structures and no skin removal.  An isolated deep plane neck lift is performed through a single incision in the crease under the chin, and is best for younger patients with a “double chin” and without excessive or droopy neck skin. 

An extended deep plane neck lift involves the contouring of the deep neck structures like muscles, spit-producing glands, and fat; tightening the muscles under the jawline; and removing excess or loose skin via incisions behind the ears.  This surgery is best for individuals with neck and “double chin” concerns and loose neck skin, but without jowling and deep smile lines.  

A deep plane neck lift is best combined with a facelift for individuals with both face and neck concerns.  While a deep plane neck lift contours the removes excessive fulness under the chin and jawline, a facelift treats heaviness along the lower face in the form of jowling and deepened smile lines.  The facelift and neck lift combination is best for younger patients after significant weight loss and older patients with pronounced laxity in the face and neck.

Deep plane neck lift

The above patient, a woman in her 50s, was bothered by developing loose tissue in her neck.  Our Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman treated her with an isolated deep plane neck lift, removing and contouring her deep neck structures to create a more refined outline to the jawline and neck.  The patient received a chin implant to help bring forward and balance her lower face.  The patient has no jowling to necessitate a facelift; she also does not have enough loose skin to remove from her neck and face.  Her surgery was done through a small incision in the crease just under her chin.  She is shown with a wonderful treatment result at 2 months after surgery.

I look like I'm 40 again, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I look like myself, just refreshed. The results are very natural, and I love taking photos again!

Have you been considering a facelift or neck lift?

Despite the introduction of non-surgical alternatives with dermal fillers and other injectables, the surgical approach to age reversal remains incredibly popular. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an estimated 73,170 facelifts and nearly 27,500 neck lifts were completed in 2018, making these respectively the 7th and 11th most popular plastic surgery procedures.  A surgical face and neck lift reposition sagging tissues and remove excess fat and skin in a long-lasting manner, and lead to natural, refreshed results without the need for frequent upkeep.

Dr. Fishman has been everything I could want in a doctor: professionally adept, concerned, and supportive. She listens carefully and follows up to ensure that everything goes well. Dr. Fishman called me after surgery and when I didn't answer, she texted me to check on me. She definitely made my experience good and I will certainly come here again.

Candidates for a Facelift

Thanks to plastic surgery innovations, patients looking to permanently reduce the signs of facial aging have plenty of options. During your consultation with Dr. Fishman, our experienced facial plastic surgeon will evaluate your current appearance, review your aesthetic goals and identify the best facelift technique to help you put your best, most confident face forward. Often, the patients who enjoy the best results are individuals who:

  • have loose skin or jowls
  • have deep lines or wrinkles across the face
  • have sagging skin throughout the face


Not sure if you need a full facelift? Mini facelifts allow patients with mild to moderate skin laxity to proactively address sagging skin before gravity takes over. This approach to facelift uses shorter incisions to tighten relaxed tissue around the cheeks, diminishing the appearance of skin laxity while helping patients look more alert and rejuvenated.

Candidates for a Neck Lift

Where facelifts focus on the lower part of the face, neck lifts focus on treating wrinkles and excess skin that develops below the jawline. Depending on the appearance of skin around this area, a necklift (also called cervicoplasty) may involve lipocontouring to address excess fat, tightening and repositioning of neck muscles, putting a corset-like suture to bring together separated platysmal muscles (with this maneuver being called platysmaplasty), and removing excess, loose skin.  For many patients, most of these procedures are combined in order to create a more youthful, contoured look and a sharper demarcation between the face and neck.

Necklifts FAQ's

At Aviva Plastic Surgery, our mission is to help patients look as young and vibrant as they feel.  By blending artistic inclination, surgical training and expertise, and close attention to patient goals, our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Fishman tailors individual and highly customized anti-aging treatments to help each patient achieve his or her ideal look.

While neck and face lifts may be completed independently, many of our Atlanta and Sandy Springs patients have them performed concurrently—as the face and neck typically do not age in isolation.  Combining surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck often helps ensure youthful contours remain consistent from one’s face down to the chest and collarbone. 

Another advantage of combining face and neck lifts comes during recovery. As both take about the same amount of healing time, combining the procedures allows for one recovery and one anesthetic and operating room experience, thus saving the patient money. Patients go into the operating room and under anesthesia just once. They take just one block of time off and attend to the swelling and bruising with ice and rest just once. Patients save money as well because the surgeon schedules the operating room and her nurses and other medical professionals one time rather than for multiple separate procedures.

Patients undergoing neck lift surgery should expect moderate to pronounced swelling, muscle stiffness, and a variable amount of bruising immediately after treatment.  We recommend applying cold compresses to the treatment areas as well as taking oral medication to manage discomfort and swelling.

Dr. Fishman typically leaves drains (or thin plastic tubes) within the neck after neck lift surgery; these acts to remove excess fluid and decrease swelling for 5-7 days after neck lift surgery.  While patients can begin walking the day of surgery, we recommend avoiding all other strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks after your surgery.  Patients should expect to have stitches removed 1 week after neck lift surgery; return to work in 1-2 weeks post-operatively; and be more “restaurant ready” at 3 weeks after a neck lift.  As Dr. Fishman monitors your recovery, she’ll be able to give you more personalized direction throughout the healing process.

This depends on the complexity of the case and the need for associated procedures. Dr. Fishman usually completes neck lift surgeries in 2 hours, with more complex cases requiring 3-4 hours.

Yes, neck lift surgery leaves scars, and while scars do not disappear, they tend to heal well and become inapparent.  Dr. Fishman carefully hides her incisions neck lifting surgery in the natural crease under the chin or the shadows behind the ears.  These scars are difficult to notice once healed, and allow patints to wear their hair pulled back without feeling self-conscious.

Most patients complain of a sore or a bruised sensation after neck surgery, and frequently report muscle tightness within the neck muscles and under the chin. These symptoms resolve over several days to 1-2 weeks after surgery.  Dr. Fishman recommends Tylenol, Motrin or a related stronger Motrin-like medication called Celebrex for several days after surgery.   Cool compresses are also helpful to ease discomfort during the initial healing phase. 

An approximate cost for neck lift surgery in our practice is $9,000-15,000.  Costs vary based on individual patient needs and other procedures being performed concurrently.  For your individualized treatment plan and pricing information, please contact us to schedule your consultation. 

Neck lift Atlanta deep plane

Different patients require different approaches or best neck contouring results.  In general, younger patients with little no loose skin and tissues may do well with liposuction only, the Embrace RF contouring procedure, or an isolated deep neck lift (which contours the deep neck tissues without removing skin).  Patients with loose tissues after significant weight loss or those with muscle separation or loose skin do better with a deep plane neck lift with skin excision, and this may or may not be combined with a facelift, depending on each patient’s individual aesthetic needs.  Our expert team is happy to guide you in selecting the best treatment options and during the recovery process.

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