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Lip lift surgery (also known as an upper lip lift, or a bullhorn lip lift procedure) helps treat an aging or too-long upper lip while also making the red part of the lip look taller and fuller.  Well-established in the world of plastic surgery, the lip lift procedure has enjoyed a rise in popularity within the last decade.  We recently asked our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman her thoughts on lip lifting, its aesthetic goals as a standalone procedure, and combining lip lifting with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelift surgery.  Our lip lift surgery in Atlanta expert shares her advice and recommendations below.

What Does a Lip Lift Do?

A liplift shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip (this space also known as the philtrum) by removing a thin strip of skin and soft tissue above the upper lip and pulling the lip upwards. A lip lift makes the red lip look fuller as well as creating a more youthful look due to shorter philtrums being associated with youthfulness.  There are different types and techniques with lip lifting, explains Dr. Fishman, and this rejuvenative procedure can have amazing results in patients with a genetically long upper lip, a lip that has gotten longer and drooped with age, and a lip stretched and weighed down by excessive dermal filler use.

Liplifting:  Standalone vs Combination

A lip lift is often combined with a facelift as it brings a harmonious balance with the overall look of the face. Oftentimes, a face lift performed on a patient who has an excessively long upper lip in addition to drooping face and neck tissues may produce the feeling as if something is missing or as if the whole look is not quite balanced.  

A lip lift can also be performed as a standalone procedure as it depends on each individual patient’s goals. Younger patients and those with aesthetic goals specifically centered around their lips may be good candidate for lip lifting as a treatment by itself.  “I love being able to give my patients my thorough facial rejuvenation and balancing plan as part of their consultation,” says Dr. Fishman, explaining that while she does perform lip lifting as a standalone procedure, sometimes it should be combined with a number of other treatments to give the patients a balanced, cohesive look.

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your lips? Curious whether a lip lift is right for you?  Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our facial experts!