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Non-Surgical Newborn Ear Correction with EarWell & EarBuddies

Approximately 30% of children are born with an external ear deformity. These patients may be helped with non-surgical newborn ear correction, which is a painless and non-invasive treatment. If not corrected during the first few months of life, some children may require corrective ear surgery later in life. Dr. Fishman has special expertise in both the non-surgical and surgical correction of ear deformities, having both Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Facial Plastic Surgery training.

What are Newborn Ear Deformities?

Some children are born with misshapen ears which are pointed, folded over, or excessively “stuck out” from the head.  One or both ears may be affected.  Some children may have a family history of ear deformities.  Most children with ear deformities have normal hearing.

How are Newborn Ear Deformities Treated?

Newborn babies have a large amount of maternal estrogens circulating in their system, which makes the cartilage of the ear soft and malleable.  Dr. Fishman uses the temporarily malleable cartilage for the purpose of non-surgical newborn ear correction, splinting the affected ear to a desired shape.  She often uses EarWell, an ear splinting system which allows for non-surgical, painless treatment of many ear deformities, including prominent ear, cup ear, lidding, Stahl’s deformity, and cryptotia.  The EarWell system is placed and changed as needed by Dr. Fishman in clinic at Aviva Plastic Surgery, requires minimal home maintenance, and is often covered by insurance.

The EarWell device provides non-surgical, painless correction of newborn ear deformities.

The treatment of newborn ear deformities is a time-sensitive one, and success of treatment rests in part on the early detection and treatment of the ear deformity.  Dr. Fishman achieves successful ear correction outcomes in more than 90% of her patients, and encourages parents and healthcare providers to learn more about this great treatment. Contact our office in Atlanta to schedule your appointment or call 678-974-8435.

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