Patient Info

Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 33-year-old woman noted her earlobe piercing had been slowly stretching for several months before tearing completely.  She had an earlobe repair with our Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman, and has healed nicely 2 months after this minor surgery.  She is shown immediately after re-piercing of the earlobe.

Earlobe piercings can become stretched or torn due to trauma or pulling, heavy earring use, and sleeping with earrings.  Some patients just say their earlobe piercings were always too low or asymmetric, and want to address with with earlobe repair and re-piercing.  An earlobe repair is one of our most common minor surgical procedures, which we typically do in the comfort of our luxurious clinic and with the help of injectable numbing medicine.  Based on your individual earlobe anatomy, Dr. Fishman may re-pierce the earlobe at the same time as the repair, or recommend healing for 2 months after a repair before re-piercing.