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This 48-year-old man was bothered by the “stuck out” appearance of his ears, and wanted to improve their appearance. Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman treated him with an otoplasty, or ear-shaping surgery, to bring the ears closer to the head. The patient is shown 4 months after treatment.

About Otoplasty Procedure

Prominent or “stuck-out” ears can be a source of peer ridicule and teasing both for adults and children.  While protruding or misshapen ears may be corrected with non-surgical newborn correction, surgical correction is required for older children and adults.  Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman performs otoplasty surgery to correct abnormally protruding or misshapen ears, treating both children and adults. Otoplasty commonly involves the shaping of the ear cartilage and tucking the ear closer to a more aesthetically pleasing position with the head and facial outline.  Dr. Fishman does otoplasty surgery as a standalone procedure, or commonly combines it with rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty.

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