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Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 20-year-old man came to our practice with multiple keloids within his beard.  He had had previous surgery which left him with large scars along his jawline.  Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman treated the keloids with surgical excision and serial steroid injections; the patient also had low-dose radiation therapy to decrease the chance of keloids growing back.  The patient underwent removal of 14 keloids, and is shown with a beautiful healing result.  He is now confident enough to have a close shave and not worry about his facial scars.

About Scars Treatments

Scars can be distracting and distressing, and can impact patients’ function and self-confidence.  We use a variety of treatments to improve the appearance of scars, using surgery, lasers, microneedling, dermal filler treatments, and anti-scar injections to remove keloid scars and soften the appearance of traumatic and acne scars.