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Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 22-year-old woman developed a keloid scar after an ear piercing.  This keloid regrew or came back after previous surgery and treatment elsewhere.  Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman treated this patient with surgical excision or removal of the keloid; the patient also had low-dose radiation therapy to decrease the chance of the keloid growing back again.

Keloids are often unpredictable, itchy, bothersome, and uncomfortable scars that grow outside the area of injury and often continue growing without stopping. Some patients are genetically predisposed to forming keloid scarring. Keloid scars have a tendency to grow back after treatment, and surgical removal, multiple anti-scar injections, and low-dose radiation therapy may be required to treat keloids effectively.

About Scars Treatments

Scars can be distracting and distressing, and can impact patients’ function and self-confidence.  We use a variety of treatments to improve the appearance of scars, using surgery, lasers, microneedling, dermal filler treatments, and anti-scar injections to remove keloid scars and soften the appearance of traumatic and acne scars.