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At Aviva Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer intimate health and wellness solutions.  Dr. Shaya Taghechian, one of Atlanta’s leading Urologists and women’s wellness specialists, is sensitive in her approach to treating your intimate health needs. 

Dr. Taghechian (or Dr. T) has over 15 years experience in the field of Urology, Urologic surgery, women and men’s sexual health, urinary concerns, and problems of the pelvic floor.  She specializes in surgical labiaplasty, the innovative scarless non-surgical labiaplasty (also known as the Aviva or FemTite procedure), vaginal rejuvenation, and the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for sexual health.  As a woman and mother, Dr. Taghechian brings these special perspectives to her practice in women’s wellness and intimate health.  Our all-female practice is proud to support Dr. Taghechian and our patients in discussing and treating the most sensitive health concerns.  

Whether one’s concerns are asymmetric or too-long labia, vaginal changes after pregnancy or childbirth, or pelvic floor problems. Dr. Taghechian brings her extensive training and experience to every patient’s consultation.  As a Urologic Surgeon, Dr. Taghechian offers a wide variety of treatment options–from PRP treatment for sexual health to pelvic reconstructive surgery for severe pelvic floor concerns–highlighting her abilities as a true expert in women’s wellness and intimate health.  Countless women and men from the Atlanta area and the surrounding states seek Dr. Taghechian’s expertise and amazing treatment outcomes, and our staff is proud to create a warm, welcoming environment for these and all our patients.  See before and after photos of patients Dr. Taghechian has treated here and here, and please note these images contain nudity.