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Facial Implants​

Facial implants can restore volume and projection to the cheeks and a weak chin permanently and safely. With Dr. Fishman’s expertise, facial implants can work beautifully to enhance faces of many ages, ethnic backgrounds, and genders.  Cheek and chin implants can be performed as a standalone procedure, or in combination with face lift and neck lift surgery, for best facial contouring.

Cheek and Chin Implants Expert in Atlanta, GA

What Are The Advantages of Facial Implants?

  • Facial implants can rejuvenate and restore volume to the cheeks and chin
  • Facial implants offer a minimally invasive and short surgical procedure, with short recovery 
  • Facial implants create long-lasting and natural-looking results
  • Facial implants offer permanent results, with no need for repetitive and expensive dermal filler treatments
  • Facial implants can be performed as a standalone procedure, or in combination with other facial contouring procedures, such as a face lift or neck lift

I absolutely love my face thanks to Dr. Fishman. Due to her recommendations, I got a necklift along with an implant in my chin as I had always felt that there was not enough definition there. The recovery was extensive, but I could not be happier with the outcome.

If you desire to restore facial contours lost over time or not in your genetics, you may be a good candidate for facial implants. After a thorough exam of your anatomy and your aesthetic goals, Dr. Fishman will determine if facial implants are the right choice for you. She then creates an individualized treatment plan customized to your needs. You must be in good health and have realistic expectations and goals of treatment.

Using the latest techniques, Dr. Fishman performs facial implant surgery with small incisions, allowing for precise implant placement and decreased bruising and swelling.

Are Facial Implants Right For You?​

A recessed or “weak” chin can create disharmony within the facial features, and contribute to a blunted or droopy neck appearance.  The 54-year-old woman shown wanted to improve her neck’s appearance, and had a too-short chin in addition to a blunted chin-neck angle.  Dr. Fishman recommended a chin implant for chin contouring in addition to neck lifting surgery.  The patient had an uneventful treatment and smooth recovery, and has a beautifully contoured appearance to her chin and neck 7 weeks after surgery.  The chin implant helps balance and improve the patient’s profile, and adds support to the mouth and lower lip.  The patient’s incision is carefully hidden within the patient’s natural chin crease, and tends to heal well in most.  Review more of Dr. Fishman’s patient’s before and after photos for different views. 

Chin implant contouring
Cheek Implants

Dr. Fishman places cheek implants through a small incision inside the mouth and just under the upper lip. Frequently, this procedure is performed alongside a cheek lift or a lip lift. Cheek implants restore volume and bring a beautiful contour to the cheeks. When performed by itself, cheek implant surgery takes about 1 hour.

Chin Implants

Dr. Fishman places chin implants via a small incision at the lower lip and inside the mouth, or in the skin crease just under the chin. Chin implant surgery takes between 45 to 60 minutes and is often combined with liposuction or a neck lift to restore definition to the jawline. Chin implants correct weak, underprojected chins, and help improve the contour of the neck and jawline.

Chin implant atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Fishman employs local anesthesia (or injected numbing medicine) by itself or with sedation or general anesthesia for facial implant surgery. During your consult, she will recommend the type of anesthesia best for you, and bases her recommendations on your medical history, aesthetic goals, and other recommended treatments.

Dr. Fishman tailors each procedure to every patient, taking into account the many variables and nuances of facial anatomy and physiology among us. When performed alone, implant surgery takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

The best candidates are men and women in good health and who have mature, realistic aesthetic goals and expectations for surgery and recovery.  Dr. Fishman frequently recommends chin augmentation in combination with rhinoplasty and neck lifting surgery for best profile balancing.  Many patients seeking consultation at our practice have not considered contouring with the help of facial implants, and Dr. Fishman loves educating patients about the benefits of this procedure.

Dr. Fishman performs most facial implant surgery through intraoral, or inside-the-mouth, incisions. Using precise dissection and cutting edge techniques, she strives for scars that are camouflaged and difficult to see.  Cheek implants are placed via a small incision inside the mouth and just under the attachment of the upper lip.  Chin implants are placed through a small incision inside the mouth and at the attachment of the lower lip, or through an external approach via a skin crease just under the chin.

Every surgery carries some post-operative discomfort, but Dr. Fishman’s patients mostly describe a midlly sore or bruised sensation after facial implant surgery.  This discomfort is very manageable with over the counter medications like Tylenol and Motrin.  After surgery, you should expect to have some swelling and tightness, which resolve over a few days post-operatively.  Some numbness may linger for several weeks or months, but this too resolves with time.

Some results of facial implant surgery are visible immediately, though these may be obscured by post-operative dressings and swelling.  As swelling and bruising resolve over several weeks after surgery, your final results will become apparent.  Final healing after most facial surgery takes 6+ months, and you should expect to see some changes and contour improvement for at least this period of time after treatment.

Swelling, soreness, bruising, and numbness are all normal and expected after facial implant surgery. Most patients are socially presentable to return to work and go grocery shopping within 1 week after surgery.  Dr. Fishman will instruct you to keep your head elevated, and use cool compresses and oral pain medications like Tylenol and Motrin to manage soreness and speed healing. Swelling and soreness symptoms decrease daily and usually resolve within several weeks after surgery.

No; insurance does not cover the cost of elective aesthetic procedures, and most insurance plans consider facial implant surgery elective and cosmetic.  At Aviva Plastic Surgery, we do not contract with insurance plans.  We offer several financing options to cover the cost of treatment, and will happily provide you financing information as part of your consultation.


After Surgery

  • The operated areas will feel swollen and numb.
  • Most patients complain of soreness rather than pain.
  • Incision sites may be sore and swollen for several days.
  • You may have a facial dressing, which should remain undisturbed until Dr. Fishman removes it.
  • You will be encouraged to sleep with your head elevated for several weeks.
  • Dr. Fishman may recommend soft, cool compresses.
  • Dr. Fishman will prescribe oral medication to control discomfort after surgery.
  • Plan on a soft diet for the first week, as chewing and wide mouth opening may disturb your incisions.
  • Your body will require time to heal, and your ultimate result may not be apparent until several weeks after surgery.

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