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No matter our age, everyone—including all the patients walking through the doors of Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics—wants to look their best and have healthy, glowing skin. Smooth, even, blemish-free and wrinkle-free skin helps us look and feel healthy, confident, and minimize the need for make-up. With age, we all collect things like acne scars, sun spots, and lines, and these days, there are innovative, non-surgical and effective solutions that provide significant skin improvement with little downtime and great results. At Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer the microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) skin treatment called Morpheus8 to help with your skin concerns, including loose skin, fine lines, and acne scarring.

What Is microneedling with radiofrequency (RF)?

Microneedling with RF is the next generation of microneedling. Regular microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy, or CIT) is the concept of using tiny needles to penetrate the skin, creating very small channels of which the body heals by laying down new collagen. Microneedling with RF adds radiofreuquency-generated heat to the skin, which allows the treatment to tighten the skin and contour undesired fat.

What makes Morpheus8 different from other microneedling treatments?

The Morpheus8 treatment is FDA approved as a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD). This means that at its most powerful settings, Morpheus8 can sculpt or remodel the fat under the skin. At less deep settings, Morpheus8 treatment can also improve the texture of the skin, providing smoothing, tightening, and improvement of scars and dilated pores.

How is microneedlingRF treatment performed?

The microneedling RF treatment is performed on the face on body after freezing the skin with both cream and injectable numbing medications. The skin is cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleanser, and the Morpheus8 treatment is performed on the face over approximately 15-20 minutes. A healing solution is then applied to the skin, and the treated patient returns to her usual activities.

Dr. Fishman also often combines Morpehus8 treatment with FaceTite when doing lower face and neck contouring and tightening. FaceTite is a radiofrequency treatment that Dr. Fishman performs under the skin; and when combining FaceTite with Morpheus8, she often gets better, smoother, and more youthful facial contours than when using either treatment alone.

Am I a candidate for microneedling with RF treatments?

Many patients benefit from microneedling with RF treatments. Morpheus8 treatments help improve and reduce the appearance of:

Our patients who want conservative improvement in their skin (“My skin looked glowier!”) even after 1 treatment. For best results, our practice recommends 3 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, for maximal anti-aging and rejuvenation results. Patients with acne scarring and stretchmarks may require 4-6 treatments for best outcomes. Every patient is different, and we make treatment recommendations based on your individual anatomy, health history, and aesthetic needs.

When can I wear make-up or concealer after treatment?

A tinted concealer that is approved by Dr. Fishman may be applied to the skin immediately after treatment. Dr. Fishman prefers healing and calming concealing products made by ColoreScience and Oxygenetics. Most patients are able to wear their usual make-up and return to work the day after treatment.