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Injectable medications like Botox and Dysport are best known for their cosmetic uses, like relaxing frown lines and erasing horizontal forehead wrinkles. These same injections also work very effectively to decrease sweating, and with the sizzling Atlanta summer approaching, there is no better time to get this treatment.

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and the new Jeuveau are natural, purified molecules of botulinum toxin; these medicines are able to temporarily interrupt communication between nerve endings and their associated sweat glands. By interrupting this communication, Botox essentially turns off the production of sweat in the treated skin, with the face, scalp, underarms, palms of hands, and soles of the feet being the most commonly treated areas.

Botox does have an indication for hyperhydrosis, or truly excessive sweating that is debilitating and fails medical treatment (such as prescription strength antiperspirants). Just like it works well for hyperhydrosis, Botox and its cousins Dysport and Jeuveau are very effective for the average but still bothersome sweating with which most of us deal in the late spring and searing summer.

An average Botox treatment for the underarms takes approximately 10 minutes, costs $1300, and provides improvement in sweating for up to 6+ months. The associated benefits of less sweating are less odor and clothing stains. This treatment works well in both women and men, and is very popular in our practice.

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