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Patient Info

59 years old
Dr. Inessa Fishman


This 59-year-old woman was interested in facial rejuvenation and improving the appearance of her lower face and ears.  Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman recommend several treatment options, including a surgical earlobe reduction.  The patient had this procedure in the comfort of our office, awake and relaxed with by-mouth medications and laughing gas.  She is shown 3 months after surgery, with excellent healing, an essentially invisible scar, and improved balance to her ears and earlobes.

With aging, the face height sometimes decreases.  The earlobes can stretch because of genetics or heavy earring use.  T00-long earlobes can pull down the facial appearance and create a lack of harmony in the facial balance.  In shortening the earlobes, we often reposition the piercings as well, to create a more balanced appearance.

About Earlobe Reduction Procedure

Overly long earlobes can look disharmonious and can make a person appear older than they really are.  Too-long earlobes can also “drag down” the face, making it look overly long or heavy as well.  While genetics can contribute to overly long or prominent (stuck out) earlobes, some earlobes may stretch due to the use of heavy earrings, gauging, or trauma.  An earlobe reduction procedure can transform the stretched or too-long earlobe into a better formed, more pert lobe that is more harmonious with the rest of your facial features.  Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman commonly performs earlobe reduction as a standalone procedure, or in combination with earlobe repair or neck lift surgery.

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