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Preparing for Your Labiaplasty Consultation: Our Top 6 Tips

How should you prepare for your labiaplasty consultation? This meeting should serve as a great opportunity to discuss your concerns and treatment goals, and to learn in detail about treatment options. We love sharing our recommendations for your best, most informative consultation experience; check them our below.

1. Allocate Sufficient Time: At Aviva Plastic Surgery, we provide in-person and virtual consultations (as many of our patients travel out of state to see us), and think that at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted, dedicated time is best to schedule for your consultation. During this visit, we encourage you to be open and direct with your aesthetic and functional concerns, treatment goals, medical history, smoking or vaping or nicotine use, and expectations for treatment. We want to learn all about you, and give you a very thorough and detailed overview of our treatment recommendations, how treatment is performed, and what you should expect with recovery. Because this conversation is so information-rich, we encourage you to silence your text notifications, turn off background TV/ music, and spend this time focusing solely on you and your care.

2. Understand Your Anatomy: Vulva and vaginas come in many shapes and sizes, and while this variety of anatomy is normal, discussion of cosmetic gynecologic procedures or even what normal variants look like is still often considered taboo. We see many women who have never looked at their labia or vagina, much less discussed their concerns with anyone in their social circle or medical space. Please take a careful look at your labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, perineum–and “all the things down there” before your consultation. We promise to have a great anatomy overview during your consultation as well, and this way, we will be on the same page about anatomic variations and your treatment goals.

Preparing for Your Labiaplasty Consultation: Our Top 6 Tips3. Familiarize Yourself: We have tons of informative content about labiaplasty and intimate wellness on our website, blog, and social media, and we absolutely encourage you to review this information before your consultation. There is also excellent and plentiful content online, with websites like the Mayo Clinic and Medscape providing clear and up-to-date content about labiaplasty surgery, risks, and recovery. We find that well-informed patients tend to make more certain decisions and have less overall anxiety about treatment, and we want to make your experience with us a smooth and worry-free one.

4. Prepare Your Questions: Write down your questions when researching labiaplasty, and bring those questions to your consultation. Ask us all your questions during your meeting, and review our expert opinion as part of your treatment plan. There truly are no questions we haven’t been asked before, and our goal for your consult is to help you in becoming well-informed about treatment.

5. Review Before and After Photos: Our before and after treatment photos are routinely in the top 3 most commonly viewed pages on our website, and with good reason–these photos help you judge the quality of our work and experience. Look at our patients’ photos, and review the work of other surgeons online before your consultation. Do you like the treatment results? Are the scars carefully designed and closed for the most natural appearance? Is the patient shown in the same standardized poses and lighting (i.e., are you comparing apples to apples?). Do you see a variety of patients’ ethnic backgrounds, beautiful skin colors, and heights and weights? These are all important considerations during your labiaplasty research, and while we want our work to speak for itself, we also want to show you that we treat a wide variety of women, and appearance and function concerns.

6. Come to your consultation with your treatment timeline in mind. Labiaplasty surgery requires 5 days of strict rest and downtime, and a few weeks of avoiding weightlifting, ocean water, and intercourse. Consider our recommendations carefully when scheduling your procedure, and commit to treatment only if you are fully and realistically prepared.

Are you researching labiaplasty treatment? Ready to take the next step in your labiaplasty journey? Contact Dr. Fishman at Aviva Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. Let us guide you through the process with expert care and tailored advice.

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