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Top 5 Spring Skincare Tips from Alla, Medical Aesthetician

Spring is almost here­, so it is a good time to change your skin care routine­. Our licensed medical esthetician Ms. Alla has tips to keep your skin he­althy and bright as the season changes. He­re is how you can keep your skin glowing this spring:

Skincare Tips from Alla Fishman1. Make sure you’re using an effective sunscreen.
Spring marks the beginning of longer days which means more daylight hours. As great as it is to be out in the sunshine, it is also important to remember to wear SPF. SPF 50 or higher is essential to wear every day. This protects your skin from the day-to-day aging effects of the sun.

2. Clean your makeup brushes.
Spring cleaning also extends to your skincare and makeup products. This season is a great time to do a deep clean of all of your makeup brushes. This ensures you aren’t introducing any unwanted bacteria to your face when putting your makeup on.

3. Organize your skincare products.
In the spirit of spring cleaning, now is a great time to go through all of your skincare products and get rid of any expired products.

4. Consider using a light moisturizer.
As we leave the colder months behind, Ms. Alla recommends considering a light moisturizer. The warmer weather means less worrying about dry skin and thicker moisturizers. Light moisturizers are great to layer with sunscreen during the day and help to prevent any breakouts from using a heavy moisturizer.

5. Microneedling and Dermaplaning
Microneedling and dermaplaning are skin essentials for the springtime. These procedures brighten the skin and improve skin texture/tone.

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