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Our TOP 6 Pearls for Non-Surgical Labiaplasty Aftercare

While not commonly discussed in the medical circles, intimate health and labia concerns are common among women of all ages. Some women are bothered by excessive tissue or asymmetry of the labia, while others note changes after pregnancy, childbirth, weight changes, and aging. A lot of women don’t know that there are treatment options that offer high-satisfaction, permanent improvements for these common concerns. In fact, there are two types of labiaplasty procedures—surgical and non-surgical—which can address a variety of labia and intimate health issues.

While expertise and technical skills are super important to ensure great outcomes, excellent compliance and carefully following treatment instructions are also key for a smooth recovery and best treatment results. Here are our best pearls for AVIVA scarless labiaplasty recovery.

1. Avoid anti-inflammatories and anti-histamines

Non-surgical labiaplasty procedures such as the FemTite procedure allow for the tightening of the labia through the production of collagen. The radio-frequency that is applied to the labia elicits an inflammatory response that brings about the collagen production. We caution patients against taking medications that act like anti-inflammatories (such as Advil) or antihistamines (Benadryl), as the anti-inflammation effect of these medications can theoretically decrease the effectiveness of the scarless labiaplastynprocedure.

2. Avoid ice on the treated areas

The inflammatory response induced by the Aviva nonsurgical labiplasty treatment is necessary for the tightening of the labia. Because ice and cold compresses decrease the inflammatory response, they can potentially decrease the optimal amount of collagen production necessary for best nonsurgical labiaplasty results.  Use compression garments and avoid cool compresses after the Aviva/ Femtite nonsurgical labiaplasty treatment, please!

3. Try not to sit!

Sitting is really best avoided for the first week or two after the non-surgical labiaplasty treatment. Both prolonged sitting and standing allow swelling to collect within the delicate tissues of the labia, and this can result in more pronounced discomfort and a longer recover.  We recommend lounging in a recliner as much as possible, and caution against prolonged travel and standing or sitting for work.

4. Wear compressive garments

Compressive garments–like snug yoga pants or tight bike shorts–can help decrease the swelling resulting from non-surgical labiaplasty, and improve long-term treatment results.  Both compressive garments and staying off the pelvis (or remaining in a neutral, recliner-type position) work to minimize the recovery after the AVIVA scarless labiaplasty treatment, decrease swelling, and improve post-treatment comfort.

5. No sexual activity for at least a week after the procedure

We advise patients to avoid sexual activitiy for at least a week after nonsurgical labiaplasty. As sexual acitivity can increase the swelling response in the labia tissues, and increase the risk of infection, avoidance is best in the immediate healing process.

6. Tampons ARE allowed

If your period happens right after the procedure, no worries! Tampons are okay to use after a nonsurgical labiaplasty and will not interfere with the healing process of the labia. The use of pads and menstrual cups should not interfere with healing after the AVIVA scarless labiaplasty treatment.

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