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Unlock the Secret to Youthful Skin: Discover the Wonders of Nanofat Treatment

Step into the future of anti-aging with nanofat treatment. Discover how this innovative procedure, explained by Dr. Inessa Fishman, transforms your skin using your body’s own regenerative capabilities. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to radiant, youthful skin!

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Nanofat Treatment

Nanofat, the latest innovation in regenerative medicine, is revolutionizing the aesthetics industry, and the results are stunning. Our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Inessa Fishman, shares her insights on this groundbreaking treatment and offers her thoughts on its best uses and benefits.

What is Nanofat?

Nanofat is your body’s own stem cell growth factors in action, explains Dr. Fishman.  Nanofat is the purified and stem-cell rich essence of adipose tissue, rich in rejuvenative capabilities. Originating from decades-old fat transfer concepts, nanofat involves liposuction to extract fat cells, refining them into microfat, and further processing into nanofat for rejuvenation purposes. “Microfat replenishes volume in areas like temples or cheeks, while nanofat, rich in growth factors, rejuvenates the skin,” Dr. Fishman elucidates.

Applications of Nanofat Treatment

This treatment excels in revitalizing the skin, making it look plumper and healthier, less irritated and less dry. It’s distinct from traditional volume-adding methods in that nanofat does not transfer clumps of intact fat cells to add volume. Dr. Fishman uses nanofat for rejuvenating deflated, dry, irritated, aged, sun-damaged skin; she sees the most benefits with nanofat to restore skin health, treat fine lines, and improve scarring.  Nanofat treatment is particularly effective for undereye circles and crepey eyelid skin, as the skin of the eyelids is so thin and can age more rapidly, says Dr. Fishman. “Nanofat’s impact, though subtle in photos, is profound in person, giving patients a glowy, healthy skin appearance,” notes Dr. Fishman.

Procedure Details

Dr. Fishman often combines nanofat treatment with aesthetic surgeries like blepharoplasty, facelift, and lip lift surgery, and occasionally performs nanofat transfer as a skin-resurfacing procedure alongside chemical peeling or Morpheus microneedling. Dr. Fishman performs a small amount of localized liposuction to the lower abdomen, inner knees or thighs, or flanks to obtain a satisfactory amount of fat, which is then carefully processed through tiny sterile sieve-like filters to remove fat cells, excess numbing medicine, and other debris–and deliver a concentrated and rejuvenative mixture of adipose-derived stem cells.  Dr. Fishman then applies this nanofat mixture to the treated skin via microneedling and microchanneling for best results.

“Nanofat treatment is at the frontier of regenerative medicine,” explains Dr. Fishman, relating that all its benefits are likely not yet entirely understood.  “Adipose tissue has so many effects of immune modulation, healing, angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels, and more, that with nanofat transfer, we’re likely just seeing the top of the regenerative iceberg,” she goes on.  The young woman shown here came to Dr. Fishman with complains of crepey, dull eyelid skin which became worse after a lower eyelid surgery performed elsewhere, and did not improve after Botox and radiofrequency treatments.  Dr. Fishman treated this patient with a combination of Morpheus microneedling and nanofat transfer via microchanneling, and the improvement in her skin noted at just 1 month after treatment is already remarkable.

The delicate eyelid skin looks plumper and more hydrated both at the upper and lower lids, and the patient’s face has an overall glow which is more pronounced in person than in these photos.  “I love the results, and feel my expression lines are softer while my skin feels refreshed,” says our patient.

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