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Good health is important for both post-surgery recovery and great treatment outcomes. Besides discussing your medical and surgical history; medications; allergies; and nicotine and alcohol use, we frequently talk about weight with our patients. While a healthy weight and BMI (body mass index, which can be calculated here) are optimal, we also consider your planned weight changes and ability to maintain a stable weight before and after surgery. Weight fluctuations can dramatically change the outcome of face and neck plastic surgery, leading to less than satisfactory outcome with facelift and neck lift surgery. Significant post-surgery weight loss can contribute to loose skin at the lower face or neck, while pronounced weight gain can obscure the improved contours of a more sculpted chin or jawline.

What should my weight be before surgery?

Our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Inessa Fishman recommends that patients are within 15-20 pounds of their ideal weight before proceeding with face and neck surgery. This allows for the best and most predictable results from procedures as Embrace, facelift or neck lift. Weight changes do not impact the recovery or the results of such procedures such as brow lifting, lip lifting, and rhinoplasty.

Is it advisable to lose weight right after surgery?

In short, no. While many patients are tempted to diet while recovering from anesthesia and taking a number of medications in their immediate post-surgery recovery, Dr. Fishman says this is not the time to lose weight. “Your body needs extra energy to heal,” says Dr. Fishman, “and I encourage you to stick to a nutrient-rich, healthy diet that is plentiful in calories to heal well after surgery.” Please refrain from trying to lose weight within the first 6-8 weeks after surgery for the most predictable and problem-free healing.

I’ve had trouble losing weight for years. Does this mean surgery is not an option?

Not at all. Healthy weight management has seen revolutionary advances within the last 5 years, and healthy weight loss may be easier now than in the past. We have wonderful resources in the form of physicians specializing in weight loss and healthy lifestyles, says Dr. Fishman, and refer to these physicians regularly both before and after surgery. “Medically supervised weight loss programs are making significant healthy weight loss attainable for so many more of our patients,” explains Dr. Fishman, and this may be a helpful tool in your health journey as you prepare for elective surgery.

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