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Daxxify: What’s the Big Deal about the NEW Wrinkle Eraser

Daxxify:  Longer-Lasting Botox?

Big news has arrived in the aesthetic medicine world! Daxxify, or daxibotulinum toxin A, is a new muscle relaxing treatment (like Botox) released by Revance Therapeutics & is now available at Aviva Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. Daxxify is a competitor to Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin to target moderate to severe glabellar or frown lines. This new treatment is shown in studies to have a longer effect duration –up to 6-9 months– as opposed to 3-4 months as seen in studies for its competitors. Our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Inessa Fishman, describes what makes Daxxify different from other medications like Botox.

What is Daxxify?

Daxi is also “vegan.”  Other neuromodulators or wrinkle relaxers are made from human serum albumin (HSA), whereas Daxxify does not contain HSA.  Instead, Daxxify has a specially prepared peptide, which is made in a lab and not derived from animals or people.  This peptide contributes to Daxi’s longevity at treating wrinkles. Studies show that the peptide helps the active musle-relaxing medication bind closely and more effectively to its site of action, which likely contributes to Daxxify’s longer duration of action. 

The side effects of Daxxify in studies are similar to other neuromodulators on the market. The most common side effect is bruising, followed by headaches, which was reported in 6% of patients. Drooping eyelids, or eyelid ptosis, was reported in 2% of patients, and facial asymmetry was reported by 1% of patients in their studies. These risks are on par with the risks associated with Botox and Dysport & are temporary. 

We are looking forward to using Daxxify in our practice and seeing clinically how it compares to Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss if Daxxify is the right neuromodulator for you, contact our office today.

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