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Injectables: The PROS & CONS

Curious about injectables, but not sure if they’re right for you? Lucky for you, Dr. Fishman recently sat down with The Zoe Report to discuss the pros and cons of injectables. Read on to get the down low on injectables from Aviva’s facial plastic surgeon, Inessa Fishman, as well as women who have been using them for over five years.

It can be nerve racking to receive injectables for the first time. That’s why at Aviva Plastic Surgery, we stress the importance of patient education, giving our patients all the latest information on the benefits and risks of injectables. 

While the pros and cons vary based on the treatment you select, the one they all have in common is ease. In Dr. Fishman’s words “Most of these are immediate gratification treatments.” Typically, the process of injectables takes only a few minutes, with very minimal downtime. 

Patient treated with Botox

What are injectables?

There are two most popular forms of injectables: derma fillers and neuromodulators, commonly known as Botox. Fillers are plumping agents; they boost collagen production to fill in fine lines and smooth skin. On the other hand, neuromodulators target the muscles that cause wrinkles, paralyzing them to prevent further creasing. “The benefits of injectable therapy include a less worried or tired appearance, smoother-looking skin, and improved confidence for most patients,” says Dr. Fishman. 

Still, as with any treatment, there are downsides as well. Injectable treatments are temporary and need to be touched up every few months, although the timeline varies by patient. Further, physical risks, albeit rare, do happen. Dr. Fishman stresses the importance of receiving treatment from board-certified physicians, who are trained in what to do should something go wrong. 


So what exactly are the pros and cons?

PRO: The process is relatively quick and painless. 

Many patients rave about injectables for a reason. You can see results fast with minimal downtime. The needles used for Botox are small, causing little pain. For filler, Dr. Fishman likes to apply a topical numbing cream prior to injections to relieve any pain patients may feel. Occasionally, some bruising may occur, but this is rare and typically resolves within a few days. 

CON: It can take some time to get the right look.

As people age, different aspects of the aging process may begin to bother them. While these bothers can be treated with injectables, not everyone loves their results. Luckily, hyaluronic acid based fillers can be easily reversed and dissolved. In fact, this is why Dr. Fishman only uses HA-based fillers. It is important to her that patients are happy and confident with the results they receive. “It’s always best to do less than more!” she says.

PRO: Injectables help boost your skin care routine.

Injectables can help your skincare routine to be more effective. By smoothing your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, injectables help your products to go on more evenly. In fact with proper maintenance, one woman reported using less Botox as she got older! 

CON: There can be some light bruising.

As mentioned earlier, injectables can cause some light bruising or swelling. This usually goes away in a few days, so it can be recommended to avoid getting injectables right before a big event. To reduce bruising, its best to avoid NSAIDs, blood thinning supplements, exercise and alcohol the day before your appointment. Still, in Dr. Fishman’s expert hands, her patients usually leave the office photo ready.

PRO: More than cosmetic?

Aside from cosmetic purposes, Botox and other neuromodulators can be used to treat other conditions. Botox can be used to target muscles in the face and jaw to reduce migraine pain, TMJ, and teeth grinding. Further, it can be used in the sweat glands to reduce excessive sweating.

Patients with lip filler have noted their chapped lips have disappeared as well. According to Dr. Fishman, “Hyaluronic acid is a very water-loving substance, and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.”  She adds “While hyaluronic acid injections provide an immediate volume augmentation when injected into the lips, some of their filler’s effect shows up with the body’s water being attracted to the filler. This tends to provide a more supple and moisturized look to the lips.”


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